President Obama, PLEASE Reverse Your Denial of Clemency to Leonard Peltier


Print of Artwork by Leonard Peltier in my home.

E-mail sent to President Obama at  

Dear President Obama,

As I write this you now have about 24 hours to reverse your denial of Clemency to Leonard Peltier. The dismay, grief, & anger of your Clemency denial is being felt strongly throughout the world. I had thought that once you seriously studied Leonard’s case and read his Clemency petition you’d truly understand the wrong-doings by our Judicial System against him. Indeed members of our Judicial System past and present have voiced their concerns over Leonard’s imprisonment for 4 decades. No one discounts the tragic loss of life at Pine Ridge Reservation in 1975; it sadly cannot be undone. However to keep a man imprisoned because “someone has to pay” despite the lack of solid indisputable forensic facts, is in itself criminal.

As our 44th President you have done so much to improve the lives of our citizens including those who have been maligned throughout America’s history; I am forever grateful. However your denial of Leonard’s Clemency undermines the very Positive work you’ve done for Native Americans. Right now I can’t help think of our 26th President Teddy Roosevelt. He said, “I don’t go so far as to think that the only good Indians are dead Indians, but I believe nine out of ten are, and I shouldn’t like to inquire too closely into the case of the tenth.” I don’t in any way believe this quote and I know you don’t either. So I ask You ….. PLEASE reverse your denial of Clemency to Leonard Peltier. Keep your Legacy Strong!

My best to You, Michelle, Malia, & Sasha. I respectfully Thank You for your time, consideration and your service to our country. In Peace.

Bonnie F. Walker 


6 thoughts on “President Obama, PLEASE Reverse Your Denial of Clemency to Leonard Peltier

    • The e-mail I sent on the White House page yesterday morning still had Obama there, so hopefully he got it. I had also tweeted to both @POTUS and @BarackObama and got a few re-tweets. At this point now, it’s over, but we did all we could. It’s a big blow, but as the country is changing in a not-so-good-way, I’m not surprised either. Thank You dear. ♥

  1. Oh, Bonnie, so he actually DENIED it? How3 could her? I am horrified, because I did not hear and am devastated! He deserved it so much more than Chelsea Manning though I don’t begrudge her it and am very happy and relieved for her. Please President Obama CHANGE YOUR MIND!!!!!!!

    • Leonard’s case is different than Chelsea’s and also Oscar Lopez Rivera’s. Both deserved clemency. Thousands more do on the Federal level and then there are thousands more on the State level. No doubts that if everyone got a Justifiable prison sentence our number of prisoners would be dramatically lessened, and lessened even more if innocent individuals were never convicted. There’s no doubt that Leonard should have been given clemency; it should have also happened with 5 previous presidents and 1 who allowed the misuse of power against Leonard in the first place. As Leonard has said, he knows how to do prison time. So we move on and work to get him the medical treatment he deserves and the transfer to a prison closer to his family. In the future we may try again; it’s up to Leonard. but we’ll always stand by him. Thank You for your comments Brenda. ♥

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