Last Letter. President Obama, FREE Leonard Peltier NOW!



December 11, 2016….until you leave Office.

Dear President Obama and Others who may be concerned,

After 8 years, this will likely be the last letter I write to you. Thanks to Social Networks, Social Media, and the general Internet, I’ve contacted you more than any other President in my life-time. As your time as America’s 44th President dwindles down, I really can’t imagine what you’re going through as you attempt to preserve the Positive accomplishments you’ve made since you began residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Despite members of an obstructive Congress hell-bent on ignoring or dismantling anything you’ve tried to accomplish, you’ve done remarkably well. You’ve gone out of your way to be fair and as compromising as possible to many who have treated you with blatant disrespect and disregard. Our current President-elect could learn a lot from you…but sadly I don’t see that happening. Whereas you’ve attempted to be inclusive for all Americans, he is anything but that. I’m sure this weighs heavily on your mind; it certainly weighs heavily on mine. This leads me to what you can do before you step down that can’t be undone by our current President-elect, Congress, or any Federal Governmental Agency.

With or without input from acting Pardon Attorney Robert Zauzmer, you can easily grant Executive Clemency to Federal Inmate Leonard Peltier (#89637-132) in far less time than it’s taken for me to write this letter to you. This past week you’ve no doubt been aware of the December 4th thru 10th Human Rights Week events for Leonard that took place in Washington DC. There’s also been an increase of support for him by individuals and organizations not only in America but in other Countries across the Globe. Long time supporters know that Leonard believes You are his last Hope for Freedom (and with the incoming current President-elect you indeed are Leonard’s last Hope). Besides his age and deteriorating health, life in prison has become more difficult due to economic greed, ideologies, and politics. Leonard will certainly not forget this past week.

Very sadly amidst this strong surge of support Leonard has also had life altering news that makes his incarceration much harder to bear. On December 5th he was brought to the prison infirmary to meet with an outside physician. He was told that he needed Prostate Surgery as soon as possible. Here is Leonard’s statement. Leonard has had Prostate problems/symptoms for years now and all I can think is that his symptoms have gotten much worse, or the prison has finally paid attention to Leonard’s repeated requests for treatment that they were ignoring. In June of 2010 Leonard had blood work done to check for biomarkers for Prostate Cancer; he received those results in November 2010 and a biopsy was suggested. The biopsy occurred in May 2011; no cancer was seen but Leonard’s symptoms persisted. Prostate Surgery is not usually considered an ASAP procedure unless something severe is going on. No matter what type of procedure is used, surgery for Leonard carries an increased risk due to his pre-existing serious Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, Diabetes, Heart Problems, and other Health issues. Of course there’s no telling when (or if) the necessary Prostate Surgery will happen in a timely matter as evidenced by previous medical care that Leonard has needed.

On December 9th, Leonard received some excruciating news. His youngest child, his son Wahacanka Peltier (R.I.P.) died while in Washington working to support his Father’s bid for Clemency; he had been ill and was 41 years old. This is a statement from Leonard on the passing of his son I can’t begin to fathom the deep emotional pain Leonard is going thru to lose a child and not be able to be with his family who needs him and who he needs now. This is just as cruel as the medical neglect and repeated violations of his Civil, Human, Constitutional/Legal and Treaty Rights he’s endured during his wrongful 40+ years of incarceration.  

I’ve toyed with the idea of re-sending you the letters and saved e-mails I’ve written on my computer (that weren’t destroyed by crashes/breakdowns, etc), but to be honest I can’t afford the ink, paper, envelopes and postage it would take to print them all out. You can see some of them on my blog “speaking with a true heart” which I started in 2013.

Although we-as-a-country don’t like to admit it, America does not have a record of advancing Human Rights for all who live within our borders. Currently there is a real palpable fear that many of the Rights we now have will be diminished or totally lost when our current President-elect takes office. Instead of moving Forward and Evolving we’ll be moving backwards and de-evolving. President Obama, leave Office with a Positive Bang — show America and the rest of the World that Justice can be served — Let that beacon of HOPE shine in all its Beauty — Be Courageous — PLEASE sign those Clemency Papers and give Leonard Peltier his FREEDOM….NOW!!

Once again I respectfully Thank You for your time and consideration. In Peace.

Bonnie F. Walker, RN, BS, LNC




6 thoughts on “Last Letter. President Obama, FREE Leonard Peltier NOW!

  1. Once again, you have written a wonderful. moving letter, dear Bonnie. If this doesn’t move our dear Presdient Obama to sign, nothing will.

  2. Tears roll down my cheeks as I read your letter to the President Bonnie and I pray with all my heart and soul that he will read it and feel the same way I do. Even if he feels half of what I feel, I know something will be done. Blessings.

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