President Obama, YOUR Silence is Deafening! #NoDAPL #LeonardPeltier


Update: 11/21/16 — President Obama, this is URGENT!! Reports of “riots” relayed by the Morton County Sheriff’s Office in North Dakota regarding the Standing Rock encampments of Native American Protesters/Protectors and their Allies are false. These so-called riots” are actually perpetrated by Police and agents of DALP against Native American  Protesters/Protectors and their Allies. On ground videos and reports show non-violent Native American Protesters/Protectors and their Allies including children and elders being sprayed by water cannons, being shot with rubber bullets, being maced and tear-gassed, and more! Some seriously injured individuals have been hospitalized; on ground medics had difficulties reaching those injured due to police interference. Governor Jack Dalrymple has done NOTHING to stop these criminal act of violence against the people! I fully realize your last days in office are extremely busy as you attempt to prepare our country (and the world) for the current President-elect to take office; it’s a daunting task. However, WE NEED YOUR VOICE NOW to STOP this ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL WAR against innocent individuals and families in North Dakota who are putting their lives on the line to save the Water & Land for ALL of us from the irreversible damage of dirty fossil fuels! PLEASE take a stand for Mother{Earth} & Our People; LIFE is vastly more important than corporate greed and oil! PLEASE don’t let your silence become your Legacy…I know you’re better than this! 

Update: 11/2/16 — President Obama, your statement on 11/1/2016 regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline said very little. You may recall that DAPL was first going to be routed close to Bismark, ND and that was protested so it was moved to its present location because Native American lives and Sacred Lands matter less than Political / Corporate Bureaucracy. No matter where this Pipeline goes, the risks to Water, Land, and all Life forms remain in Jeopardy. Right now workers are still building the Pipeline despite your Presidential Request to cease operations. Governor Dalrymple still has Police and Militia present along with DAPL’s “security”. Both are actively intimidating, brutalizing and violating the Constitutional, Civil, and Human Rights of Protesters & Protectors. Waiting is NOT an option! The World is watching. 

October 30, 2016 until remedied

Open Letter To President Barack Obama and Whoever Else May Be Interested or Concerned including: Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Jo-Ellen Darcy, Assistant Secretary of Army (Civil Works), North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple,

With all due Respect, this is not a letter that I wanted to write; it’s been difficult. President Obama in my last letter to you dated September 4th, 2016, I once again urged you to grant Executive Clemency to Leonard Peltier (as I’ve done now repeatedly since you took office in 2009). I also discussed the grievous actions against Native Americans and their Allies by the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota. I wondered if the “reign of terror” that occurred in 1975 which ended with deaths and the wrongful illegal incarceration of Leonard Peltier would again be played out at Standing Rock. I’ve sent you this letter via USPS a number of times and I’ve also been tweeting it to you from my blog >>

Your September 9th temporary block and request that the Dakota Access Pipeline cease their activity “We request that the pipeline company voluntarily pause all construction activity within 20 miles east or west of Lake Oahe” obviously fell upon deaf and uncaring ears. The Dakota Access Pipeline has used their Private Security to incite violence and harm those who oppose them while ignoring a Presidential Request and Governor Dalrymple has done likewise by bringing in the National Guard, Police from other States, and ignoring vicious attacks on Peaceful citizens. Additionally Local Police have done strip-searches on individuals who are charged with made up misdemeanors and felonies, denied due process, and violated other Civil and Human Rights. Mainstream media have spread biased news reports or remained silent. Reports from “alternative” media have revealed the truth…and it is damning. Both The Dakota Access Pipeline and North Dakota are in the wrong. This is unconscionable. This is abysmal. This is America.

Human & Environmental Organizations and Individual Activists from around the world are stepping forward in deep concern and protest including Senator Bernie Sanders and Former Vice-President Al Gore. All are denouncing the actions taken by The Dakota Access Pipeline and North Dakota. President Obama, Your Voice has remained Silent…and this Silence is Deafening!

I know of your commitment to Native Americans. I know that you’ve put forth programs and laws to help right the wrongs against our Indigenous population since the first non-Indigenous [white] foot stepped on Native soil. You have a strong Legacy of doing Good. It hurts my heartdeeply to say that right now your Legacy is crumbling; it’s becoming as worthless as all the treaties with Sovereign Nations/Tribes that the United States Government has ignored, abused and violated for centuries.

There’s a War happening right NOW within the United States of America. It’s an Illegal War waged by Unethical Corporate Powers and Biased, Prejudicial, Greedy States and the Federal Government itself. This Illegal War is waged against and affects not only Native Americans, but Others as well. There are Corporations, Lobbyists and Politicians in Federal, State & Local Governments who are pushing for land grabs in the hopes of accessing and transporting oil, coal, and other energy producing substances from the water and land to the detriment of ALL life forms and Mother{Earth} Herself. All this goes against Good Climate Change Policies. As we’re seeing in North Dakota this War takes place in areas populated by the disenfranchised; racial/ethnic/cultural minorities and those who live in lower socio-economic classes. This War is not being waged to help the People but to fill Political and Individual Pockets and increase Corporate Power. A sad statement indeed.

 President Obama, your time in office is now less than 3 months. At this writing to be precise you have 81 days left. I urge You to keep your Legacy Strong and see to it that the following are put into Action by You or a Designee;

  • Denounce and Reverse the Actions put forth by Governor Dalrymple in North Dakota.

  • Assist Individuals from Our Tribes and their Allies who have been wrongly detained, arrested and injured by Militia, Police, and Private Corporate Security. Expunge any criminal charges against Peaceful Protesters and Protectors.

  • Hold the Corporate entities connected to the Dakota Access Pipeline responsible for their Illegal Actions.

  • Continue Your Commitment to Positive Climate Change Policies and ensure that future presidencies do the same.

  • ….AND STOP DAPL (and Other destructive Pipelines) ONCE AND FOR ALL!

One more thing while I have your attention; Don’t forget to grant Executive Clemency to Leonard Peltier!

 As always I respectfully Thank You for your time and consideration. In Peace.

 Bonnie F. Walker, RN, BS, LNC



10 thoughts on “President Obama, YOUR Silence is Deafening! #NoDAPL #LeonardPeltier

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  2. Oh Bonnie, once again you have written a marvellous letter to President Obama. It grieves me deeply to know what is going on over there, and how badly the Native-Americans are being treated. I have seen bits of it on overseas news channels but none of the violence and illegal arrests that you talk about. Keep up with your strong voice for the rights of all Native-American Indians and Leonard Peltier. I salute you for your commitment. Your friend and spirituaol ally, Brenda George, South Africa.

    • Thank You Brenda. What the Pipeline People and the State backed Police/Militia are doing seems to worsen daily. I can’t keep up with it all. America’s presidential election is next week. Perhaps things will ease up a bit….but they could get worse. I do worry about Leonard, but perhaps the safest place for him at the moment is in Prison. Best to You and Yours.

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