Another Letter to President Obama; #LeonardPeltier, #NoDAPL, & More!

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September 4, 2016 until all is rectified or you leave office

Dear President Obama (and Others who should be concerned),

First I would like to sincerely THANK YOU for commuting prison sentences to Federal Inmates who received unreasonable and wrongful sentencing for drug convictions. There are still so many who should have their sentences commuted. AND, let’s not forget inmates wrongly convicted of other crimes…naturally Federal Inmate Leonard Peltier (#89637-132) comes to mind. But here too there are so many others such as Federal Inmate Oscar Lopez Riveria (#87651-024). Innumerable Racial/Ethnic Individuals who have stood up for the Human Rights of their People now waste away in American Federal & State Prisons due to the bias, prejudice, fear and ignorance of the American Justice System and its agents.               

This month is Leonard Peltier’s Birthday. He’s turning 72 years old on September 12th (which in Prison years is somewhere between 82 and 92 years old). I strongly believe it is through the Prayers of the People for the past 40+ years, the Protection of The Spirit of Crazy Horse, the Knowing Benevolence of Great Spirit (or God if you prefer), and Leonard’s own dogged determinate will that he has survived his decades in unjust captivity. This morning as I awakened I began the contemplation of this letter feeling the presence of my dear friend and “mischief-maker” Joan Rodriquez – R.I.P. (@Joanie399). Joanie as I have written to you in the past had a most powerful Internet presence in pushing for Leonard’s Clemency and other Causes close to her heart. Her Birthday is also in September and as I write to You, I also speak for her (which I also did  at her request when she was alive).

If you are paying any attention to your @POTUS Twitter account you may notice that I began a count-down of how many days you have left in your Presidency. I started at day 167, today is day 137. In mid-August Leonard’s Supporters got word that [former] agents of the FBI started a letter-writing campaign to Acting Pardon Attorney Robert A. Zauzmer asking that he disavow Leonard’s bid for Clemency and strongly suggested that you do the same. Some of Leonard’s supporters are writing to Mr. Zauzmer asking that he keep an open and unbiased mind and urge you to do the same and Grant Clemency to Leonard. My letter to Mr. Zauzmer (also sent as an e-mail) is attached here.

Today as I write to you about Leonard I must include another very deep concern; The Dakota Access Pipeline. As you may recall Joanie and I were among many others who pushed you on Twitter to deny the Keystone Pipeline; which you very ThankFully did. I feel strongly that Joanie wants me to speak out for her on this topic as well. This morning I’ve read accounts of brutality by members of The Dakota Access Pipeline Company against Peaceful Native American Protesters; the company was using attack dogs and pepper spray on them. I enclose this link from the award-winning on-line news agency, Democracy Now. (other links are within this article). I’ve watched the scenario unfold in North Dakota against the Native American Tribes and their Allies who are standing up for not only Native American Communities but all other people who may be affected by the Pipeline and of course Mother{Earth} Herself. Your voice and deeds have worked hard to combat the ill effects of Climate Change. But where are they NOW? How can you allow this disastrous pipeline project to continue? As you are well aware one small breach in a pipeline can and has caused devastation to both land and water resulting in illnesses and deaths for all sorts of life forms. This is a Slow Genocide for the People and a Slow Extinction for plants and animals…and so sadly our Home, Mother{Earth}. During your Presidency you have also done more for Native Americans than any other [modern] President….PLEASE don’t undo this Legacy!!

 And now I bring this discussion back to Leonard Peltier…amazing how I can always seem to do this! Leading up to 1975, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota. Mining Companies working for the U.S. Government find what they suspect to be rich pockets of uranium ore. Some Tribal Members are working with Government agents to force other Tribal Members to give up their land. There is violence against Traditional Elders, and others who refuse. Individuals are killed. Leonard Peltier comes to the aide of his People. You know the rest of the story. Tell me this, will there be another on-going War or “Reign of Terror” in Indian Country this time near or on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in Cannon Ball, North Dakota? Will there be deaths? Will there be another “Leonard Peltier” made to be a Scapegoat and Martyr by the U.S. Government and the Big Oil Companies?  You and our First Lady visited Cannon Ball in 2014. You all saw the community, You all met the people. Now, what are YOU going to do?

President Obama I’ve got to get real here. With countable days left until you leave office, what you do now is of vital importance…more so than you may realize. I urge you to keep working for Native Americans and the rest of us by intervening and putting a stop to The Dakota Access Pipeline. I urge you to keep on track with supporting Positive Endeavors to minimize the devastating effects of Climate Change. I urge you to grant Clemency to Leonard Peltierdo all of this because it’s the Right thing to do and the future of America stands in Your hands TODAY!!

As always I respectfully Thank You for Your Time and Consideration. In Peace.

Bonnie F. Walker, RN, BS, LNC


August 16, 2016

To: Honorable Robert A. Zauzmer, Acting Pardon Attorney

Dear Mr. Zauzmer,

It has come to my attention that former FBI agents are contacting you via a “letter-writing campaign” to ask that you voice a denial of clemency for Federal inmate Leonard Peltier #89637-132. His application for clemency was submitted to President Obama dated February 17, 2016. I have been an active advocate for Mr. Peltier’s clemency for many long years and have sent numerous letters, e-mails, tweets to President Obama during his tenure in office. One of my letters dated November 1, 2012 written to President Obama, former US Attorney General Eric Holder, former Federal BOP director Charles Samuels, and former Head of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary Senator Patrick Leahy is in Leonard’s “permanent clemency file”…as indicated to me via a USPS letter from former Pardon Attorney Ronald Rogers on February 11, 2013. You’ll please note that some of the links included in my letter of 2012 are now outdated. 

Leonard’s last parole hearing was in July 2009; his next parole hearing is in 2024; he’ll be 80 years old. On the last day of former President George W. Bush’s presidency, he denied clemency to Leonard; that clemency petition had been sitting around for 13 years. 

No doubt you are already aware of Leonard Peltier’s case. He has/had strong advocates who have pushed for his release from prison based on violations of Constitutional/Legal, Human, Civil, & Treaty Rights that Leonard has endured throughout his arrest, trial, conviction and long incarceration. I’m sure you’re also aware of the FBI’s famous rally outside the White House during former president Bill Clinton’s last term in office in protest of Leonard’s possible release.

I personally believe in Leonard’s innocence having studied much of his case. I’ve also studied the violations of his Rights. Having been around during the time of COINTELPRO and coming from a family who worked hard for Civil Rights along with Dr. King, I also understand some of the workings of the FBI towards Blacks, Native Americans, and others they deemed a “threat”. I believe that President Obama is a man of Integrity….but I also believe that going against the FBI may not be an easy thing to do. They do not readily admit to wrong-doings.  

Currently Leonard’s health and life are at risk. In January of this year, it was discovered that Leonard has an enlarged Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm; these are potentially deadly. Treatment for this condition is surgery to correct the defect. Individuals who have an enlarged Aneurysm are in need of very close monitoring. This is not something that can happen while Leonard is in Prison. An Aneurysm can burst spontaneously at any time. When this happens the individual bleeds out. Literally every second counts. I will not at this time discuss the negligent medical/health care that is rampant in most of America’s jails/prisons/detainment centers at this time (I have written to President Obama and others about the topic). 

Suffice it to say Leonard’s life is virtually in the hands of President Obama…and You along with others he confers with regarding clemencies. I hope that you will read Leonard’s clemency petition with an unbiased open mind and urge President Obama to do the same and then confirm a grant clemency for Leonard. I also hope Leonard does not die before the time of clemency happens. I’ve actually just written another letter to President Obama on behalf of Leonard’s bid for Clemency; I’ve sent it via USPS, but it’s also on my blog so I send it via Twitter as well. You can see it here. > 

I respectfully Thank you for your time and consideration…I will send this to you also as a letter via USPS.In Peace.

Bonnie F. Walker, RN, BS, LNC 

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