2016; Summer Discontent Farewell (FREE Leonard Peltier)

LP-no fear

August 14, 2016

Dear President Obama and whomever else may be concerned,

In the summer of 2014, I was feeling a bit mischievous so I entitled a letter I sent you, “2014: The Summer of my Discontent” >> https://mommofo2.wordpress.com/2014/07/06/2014-the-summer-of-my-discontent-letter-free-leonard-peltier/ When the summer of 2015 rolled around I noticed my discontent was still with me so again I sent you a letter. This one was entitled, “Summer of 2015 & I’m Still Discontented” >> https://mommofo2.wordpress.com/2015/07/13/summer-of-2015-im-still-discontented-free-leonardpeltier/ As this summer of 2016 winds down, I’m reflecting on your last summer as President and my years of writing to you since you first took office in January 2009. I’m feeling some sadness; this will be my last “Summer Discontent” letter to You; I think I’ll call it, “2016; Summer Discontent Farewell”. June and July have passed; it’s been a difficult summer for me personally with unexpected deaths of friends and family along with increased health problems for myself and others close to me. However, I still believe in upholding my commitments when I can and I promised Federal Prisoner Leonard Peltier (#89637-132) that I would push for his Freedom during your presidency. 

I became active on Social Networks at the time you first ran for President in 2008. My dear eldest niece thought this would be a fun thing for me to do. Little did she know….(ha ha ha ha). I began using Social Networks to advocate for Peace, Human Rights, Justice and more. Your openness and willingness to engage with “We-The-People” made my advocacy work so much easier. Thank You. Through Social Networks I’ve met like-minded individuals whose core values mirror mine. As you know from my innumerable communications with you, one of the causes I push strongly for is Clemency for Leonard Peltier. In reflection some of my work for Leonard on Facebook, Twitter and my Blog, speaking with a true heart >> https://mommofo2.wordpress.com/ was encouraged by close friends who have since passed away and those who have no public voice due to illness and incarceration. It is my Honor that they have asked and allow me to speak for them.

You know Leonard has publicly remarked that You are his last Hope for Freedom. This is from his public letter written June 26, 2016, “As the last remaining months of President Obama’s term pass by, my anxiety increases. I believe that this President is my last hope for freedom, and I will surely die here if I am not released by January 20, 2017.” You can find his full statement here >> http://www.whoisleonardpeltier.info/general/leonard-peltier-41st-anniversary-of-the-incident-at-ogala/ Leonard also acknowledges the work you have done for Native Americans, “President Obama’s extraordinary efforts to forge a strong relationship with our Tribal Nations is good cause for a new sense of optimism that our sovereignty is more secure. By exercising our sovereignty, life for our people might improve. We might begin to heal and start the long journey to move past the trauma of the last 500 years. But what will we do if the next Administration rolls back those gains made over the past 8 years?”

On September 12th, Leonard will turn 72 years old…in Prison years that’s somewhere between 82-92 years old. WoW! During his 40 years of [wrongful] incarceration Leonard has survived a heart condition, a stroke, diabetes with complications, hypertension, a botched jaw surgery, partial blindness, months on end of solitary confinement, beatings and assassination attempts. His health of course now is even more precarious due to his Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm. At virtually any moment the Aneurysm could burst and the result would be deadly; there’s no way Leonard can get emergency surgery in time if the Aneurysm bursts. Leonard needs surgery to correct the Aneurysm so it does NOT burst! To put it bluntly, Leonard’s life is in your hands. I’m sorry that it comes to this; 6 previous Presidents ignored and refused to undo the malicious malignant injustice put upon Leonard by the FBI and other Federal agencies. This is your last chance to make right a grievous wrong (as I have mentioned and written to you on numerous occasions; this is one in particular) >> #LeonardPeltier versus 7 United States Presidents > https://mommofo2.wordpress.com/2014/08/29/leonard-peltier-versus-7-united-states-presidents/

These past 8 years I’ve written to you so much, I’ve lost count. I’ve discussed Leonard’s case as it pertains to our biased Justice System, Human Rights Violations, Unethical and Negligent Medical Care, Genocide, Racism, and more. Unfortunately I don’t have copies of everything I’ve written to you and others due to lost files, computer crashes, etc. However this sure beats the decades of handwritten letters.

**I worry. I worry about Leonard and other wrongly incarcerated individuals (at Local, State, and Federal levels) once you leave office. I worry that Prison Reform/Criminal Justice Reform will fall along the wayside. I worry that no one seems to care that innocent youth, women and men may sit in jails/prisons/detainment centers for decades before they have the opportunity to prove innocence and some never get the opportunity. I worry that many will die of treatable diseases/problems because medical care is negligent and who cares if anyone dies “inside” anyway. I worry that the backlog of those applying for clemency or pardons is so immense that the system will just give up. I worry that Jails/Prisons/Detainment Centers bring $$$ to the economy and no one really wants to lose this cash cow. I believe that negligence, indifference, fraud and greed are all a part of the vast Penal and Justice Systems within the United States; this affects something like 6 million people if you include those on parole/probation. I’ve written to you on previous occasions that our prison/justice systems are public health concerns.

This 2016 election year is bringing out the worst in so many. Supporters blindly follow their candidates without knowing what their true credentials are. Hate and Lies are what takes the place of “news”. There is little if any “Good Faith”. We can’t foresee the future. I’ve not agreed with all that you’ve done during your Presidency AND I know of the very good things you’ve done; I am sincerely grateful. As of this writing you have approximately 5 months left in office. I hope there is some way you can lock in the good work you’ve accomplished for the People and for Mother{Earth} Herself. I hope that before you say “Farewell” to the oval office that you will save the life of Leonard Peltier; his FREEDOM will do so much to move the agenda of Human Rights ahead for not only America, but also the rest of the World.

Once again I respectfully Thank You for your time and consideration. In Peace

Bonnie F. Walker, RN, BS, LNC

P.S. ** I worry about a Loved One I have in a State Prison System. Over the years he’s been tear-gassed excessively and this has led to lung damage. My understanding is that the use of tear gas is over-used in many jails/prisons/detainment centers causing and leading to disability.  





9 thoughts on “2016; Summer Discontent Farewell (FREE Leonard Peltier)

  1. A brilliant plea to a fine president with a heart, a soul and a conscience. Thank you for your strong continued advocacy of Leonard Peltier and others like him. I am sure that Leonard’s time is coming soon and he will taste the joy of freedom before he dies. Let’s have a day of prayer for Leonard.

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