Happy Birthday to ME! Time for Leonard Peltier to be FREE!


April 21, 2016: For May 2016 and until You Leave Office

Dear President Obama and Others who may be concerned,

You and I have come to the end of an era, perhaps not memorable to you, but memorable to me. Since this is your last full year as President, this will be the last letter I write to you requesting that you bestow upon me a BIRTHDAY GIFT during my Birth Month of May. I’m going to be really magnanimous here and extend the time allotment of gift-giving until the last day of your Presidency in January 2017. After all, if nothing else, I’m a gracious, compassionate, thankful (and humble) woman. Once again I respectfully request that you please grant Executive Clemency to Federal Prisoner Leonard Peltier – #89637-132.

I have no doubt that you are aware of the increased effort of individuals, groups, and organizations pushing for Leonard’s Freedom. Within the past year President Evo Morales of Boliva (October 2015), the National Lawyers Guild (October 2015), Amnesty International (2016) and many others have all come foreword with a plea that you sign those Clemency papers for Leonard’s release before you leave office. If you by chance pay attention to non-mainstream media on the Internet you’ll have seen Leonard’s name and a call for his Freedom mentioned with more frequency than usual. You can find some of these articles on The International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee (ILPDC) website http://www.whoisleonardpeltier.info/  During these past 8 years that I’ve written to you on Leonard’s behalf, it’s been more than interesting to hear about or see thru the wonders of the Internet those who state they support Leonard’s Freedom. I know that there are some who are basically just “fans” of both Leonard and Social Networks; you don’t hear from them. However, I’m also seeing and hearing more people discovering their individual and collective voices as they speak up for Leonard’s Freedom — and then they begin speaking out about other wrongs as well. I can truthfully say that I’ve seen people from all different demographics and backgrounds take an active part in Leonard’s quest for Freedom. I’ve seen and communicated with some who clearly have issues with racial/ethnic minorities (and me), yet they are willing to actively take the time to push for the Freedom of a Native American man. I’ve also seen and communicated with some who dislike you as president, yet they are willing to put aside their dislike and make the concerted effort to respectfully request that you grant Leonard clemency. I’m continually wonderfully surprised by these people who actually step forward with courage to take the time to contact you about the Injustice perpetrated against Leonard Peltier for 40 years. It’s equally surprising to see those who step up and make a formidable public statement directed to you. Just today I noticed an article on the Internet from “The Final Call” written April 20, 2016, “A call for President Obama To Pardon Native American freedom Fighter” http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/National_News_2/article_103047.shtml You need to read it! Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam have actively supported Leonard for many years. I think all of this is incredibly powerful and so beautiful. I call this Democracy in Action.

 What is it about Leonard Peltier that had The Frantz Fanon Foundation in France award him with their coveted Frantz Fanon Prize in March 2016? How is it that Leonard Peltier has been nominated this month (for the 7th time during his incarceration) for a Nobel Peace Prize? In various circles Leonard is considered to be a “Political Prisoner”, a Native American/Indigenous (and) Human Rights Activist, an Environmental Rights Activist, an acclaimed Artist and Author. In reality Leonard has been and is all these things. Think about it, there are differences within the Personal and Political ideologies of The Dalai Lama, Mikail Gorbachov, Mother Teresa (R.I.P.), Nelson Mandela (R.I.P.), and Ramsey Clark, yet all of these individuals and others in their time have advocated for Leonard’s Freedom. From my perspective what draws so many people to Leonard is not only his persona as an individual, it’s also his Legal Case. It’s the stone cold facts of fraud, perjury, and malfeasance by the FBI, the Judicial System and other agencies within our Federal Government that used Leonard to cover up their own wrong doings before, during and after the “Incident at Oglala” in 1975 on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. I persist in saying that Leonard Peltier has repeatedly had his Constitutional, Civil, Treaty, and Human Rights violated by our Federal Government…and his case does bear witness to this.

 Leonard himself has stated that you are his last hope…and indeed you may well be. You know he has a potentially deadly Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm; his life is virtually in your hands. If you don’t grant him clemency, who will? Will it be one of the current “presidential hopefuls”? This by far is the most disrespectful gruesome insane election year that I can recall…and I’m no youngster. To be serious, it scares me. I see Democracy eroding at a heightened pace just as Climate Change has quickened the erosion of Mother{Earth}. No matter who may become our next President, he or she will still have to deal with an ineffectual Congress; we will have less of an opportunity to move ahead in a Positive way to address the needs of our home Mother{Earth}, our Country, and the needs of We-The-People. This kind of on-going dysfunction will undoubtedly disrupt necessary prison/criminal justice/judicial reform. What will happen to Leonard Peltier and too many others who are aging, ill, impoverished, and have spent long years or decades incarcerated when “reasonable doubt” and actual innocence has surfaced and no one takes notice or cares? There are no legal venues to help these many thousands, if not millions of individuals (Municipal, State, Federal Prisoners, Parolees, along with others who are “detained” in detainment centers, etc) find their way to Freedom. I wonder what Harriet Tubman would say to all of this? After all, there is no Underground Railroad for any of them to have access to for their escape to their deserved FREEDOM! And, the rest of us also have to put up with a woefully flawed (In)Justice System as well. I remind you,

 ….For 4 decades, Leonard Peltier has been *tortured by The United States Government and its agencies. *referenced by the United States Constitution, the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment and the Geneva Convention…. BFW

 President Obama, I plan and hope to have many more future Birthdays and at any time you can feel free to send me a card or gift although it’s totally unnecessary. This time though, this time I’d REALLY appreciate that YOU acknowledge my Birthday Request…


 Respectfully, I Thank You for your time and consideration. In Peace.

 Bonnie F. Walker, RN, BS, LNC



6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to ME! Time for Leonard Peltier to be FREE!

  1. Oh, Bonnie, what a magnificent letter!!!!! What a terrific advocate you are for dear Leonard and others like him. Thank you, Bonnie, for saying so eloquantly what is in all of our hearts, all those who yearn for this great man, and others like him, to go free in his lifetime, that time being NOW, and long overdue! If this does not move President Obama to free Leonard than nothing will! Surely a decent, courageous man as President Obama will free him? Please, President Obama, hear her cry – and the cry of so many others around the world! I so wish that Leonard would get the Nobel Peace Prize so that the clamour of the world to get him freed couldn’t possibly be ignored. But he needs to be freed before then! Bonnie, you have my heart for the tireless work you are doing. You, too, are courageous! Love and Blessings Brenda Joyce George

  2. Oh, Bonnie, it doesn’t look good for Leonard, does it? There is only one day of Obama’s presidencfy to go. Leonard is so much more deserving than Chelsea Manning, though I am very relieved and happy for her. I weep inside for dear Leonard after he has had to endure so much and was wrongly convicted. I am devastated and I know you, of all people, must be, too! Thank you for crusading for this great man for so many years. I am hugely disappointed that President Obama has not responded to your magnificent letters. May God go with you always. Love and blessings

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