7th Dream, 7th President; Time for Leonard Peltier’s FREEDOM!


***Please note; as of September 12,2016, Leonard is now 72 years old.  

March 25, 2016…until January 19, 2017

To President Obama and Others who should be concerned:

Dear President Obama,

You, or at least [some] of your staff know me. You’ve all been hearing from me now since January, 2009. It feels as if we’ve spent many long hours together, and we have; I type very slowly and letters or e-mails I write may take me hours and sometimes days to write, depending on my schedule. Most of my communications pertain to Native American Federal Inmate/Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier (# 89637-132). I know that You and Others that I have communicated with have received my letters because I have gotten replies in the form of letters (sent to my home) and e-mails. Each reply has been little more than an acknowledgment of communication. However, even if the content of letters and e-mails has been ignored, at least they have been received. It may not surprise You to know that your name came up in a recent brief dream; I’ve written about past dreams that have also included You….and Leonard. This latest dream was an unknown male voice speaking to me. He said, “Bonnie it’s time for you to write another letter to President Obama regarding Leonard Peltier’s need for Freedom; make this one about the past 8 years that you’ve been writing to him and include your work on Social Networks”. A short and to the point dream; it woke me up. My first thought was…Now? Really? I’ve got a lot of personal stuff on my plate at the moment. Then I fell back to sleep. When I woke up a couple of hours later my thoughts were…I planned to write such a letter towards the end of the year when it seems most likely that You’ll grant non-drug related Clemencies. These dreams I’ve had regarding Leonard over the past few years all feel like there’s some urgency behind them even if I’m unaware of what the urgency may be. To my recollection I’ve had 6 previous dreams about Leonard since You took office so this is now my 7th  dream. It seems serendipitous; this is now my 7th dream and You’re the 7th president under which Leonard has been wrongfully incarcerated. In each dream no matter how short, long, or convoluted they may be; they are in some way a plea for You to Free Leonard from his [now 40 years of] unjust captivity.

I’ve been on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bonnie.walker.568 since 2008 shortly before You won your first presidential election. It wasn’t long before I began noticing there were quite a few people who were posting about Leonard…a number of us became “friends” and I realized I could use Social Networking to my advantage in my pleas for his Freedom. I began posting copies of [some] letters/e-mails sent to You and others on Social Networks….I’ve even made it into “Google Alerts”. I broadened my horizons with the help of a few good friends and other Social Activists. I joined Twitter in 2011 > https://twitter.com/walkermofo, and began my Blog in 2013, Speaking With a True Heart > https://mommofo2.wordpress.com/. My typing speed has not improved by much due to some disability issues. However, I put myself out in this way to show that I am “walking my talk” and I know I have influenced others to follow my lead. I continue to be inspired by those I have worked with and so many others who are strong advocates for True Justice and Equal Rights, especially within the Unjust Justice System within the United States of America.

During these past 8 years, I’ve written so many letters, e-mails, sent so many tweets that I’ve lost count and have had trouble keeping track of them all. Due to a couple of total computer meltdowns, a number of computer crashes, other computer mishaps, and my ineptitude with technology, there were some letters and many e-mails that I lost. There were times that I’d send letters and e-mails daily, or multiple times during a month depending on Leonard’s physical status or other circumstances. I had word document pages of lists of tweets sent but some of those were also lost. My Twitter page says that I have sent out 33,600 tweets; my rough estimate is that at least 90 to 95% of those tweets and re-tweets have been directed to You thru @WhiteHouse, @BarackObama and @POTUS. I’ve never kept a log of phone calls made…but I’ve made plenty and the White House is on my speed dial. Beside my own personal communications to You, I’ve worked closely with others on such things as Facebook Events, Twitter Storms, Calls-to-Actions and more focusing on the necessity for You to grant Leonard clemency and intervene in his Constitutional Right for appropriate compassionate medical treatment and healthcare.  

I fully realize and acknowledge that my work for Leonard does not compare to others who continue to be in the forefront for his fight for Freedom, they keep me humble by their unwavering work and support. I do however acknowledge the work of myself and thousands of Leonard’s supporters, who have taken the time to study his case and know of the cruel and unjust violations of Leonard’s Constitutional/Legal, Civil, Human, and Treaty Rights put upon him by the government of the United States of America. Leonard has recently submitted a new Petition for Executive Clemency. It is my fervent hope that You along with Pardon Attorney Robert Zauzmer and anyone else designated to look over Clemency Petitions take Leonard’s request for Clemency very seriously. And You know I have to say as I’ve written to You so many times, I find it totally absurd that an Individual who has shown to have reasonable doubt about his guilt thru documents from the Freedom of Information Act [FOIA], and outright declarations by people associated with his case that state he is innocent…why would an innocent person railroaded and scapegoated by the “InJustice System” need to ask to be released from wrongful imprisonment? Leonard Peltier is one of too many within our massive prison system who is wrongfully incarcerated and very few who work within this system gives a fig about him and the other unfortunates. For an in-depth look at some of what has been going on with and for Leonard, please go to his website > http://www.whoisleonardpeltier.info/  

Now, about my dreams that pertain to You and Leonard — I’m not a superstitious person and I don’t have dreams that foretell the future, but there seems to be a connection between You, Me, and Leonard. I’ve advocated for Leonard for many long years but to my recollection I’ve never dreamt of him until You took office. 5 of my “Leonard” dreams were initially written on Facebook and the 6th one debuted on my Blog; this letter will also go to my Blog making it the 7th dream post.  I’ve included links here with short explanations/thoughts regarding these dreams:   

  • April 2013 >> The business of encouraging Leonard’s supporters to contact You to ask for Leonard’s Clemency. > Fleeting Dream…Internet Explodes with Messages to FREE Leonard Peltier!! https://www.facebook.com/notes/bonnie-walker/fleeting-dreaminternet-explodes-with-messages-to-free-leonard-peltier/10151369303780547

  • December 2014 >> America today; Mass incarceration, Killings of Black Men by Police and the on-going wars of attempted Land-grabs of Native American Land all come into play here > Dreamland; Leonard Peltier & FREEDOM Personified! https://mommofo2.wordpress.com/2014/12/05/dreamland-leonard-peltier-freedom-personified/

  • March 2016 >> In this last year of your Presidency, the dysfunctional 2016 election circus, and the subversion of Voting Rights, You indeed may be Leonard’s last hope for Executive Clemency and Freedom. As I have written to You previously Leonard has a potentially deadly medical problem; an enlarged Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm. At 71 years of age and with a number of serious chronic illnesses already in play, I’d say the timing of this dream (and this letter/Blog piece) does indeed speak to the urgency of my 7th dream which I’m calling; 7th Dream, 7th President; Time for Leonard Peltier’s FREEDOM!

President Obama, I strongly believe that part of your Legacy as President is to finally undo the Injustice against Leonard Peltier and other individuals incarcerated under the umbrella of COINTELPRO. So many, too many Individuals were killed and/or wrongly incarcerated because of the FBI’s “Reign of Terror” upon both Men and Women who were fighting to make life better for those of us who are the disenfranchised. With all due respect your recent trip to Cuba has brought criticism over Cuba’s Human Rights Violations towards their people….. man that’s like calling the kettle black — Guantanamo, Mass Incarceration, Political Prisoners, Reversal of the Voting Rights Act, and too much more — America needs to own the Human Rights Violations it puts upon its own people! You have an incredible opportunity to Undo InJustice…and that can start very simply by Freeing Leonard Peltier!

As Always I Respectfully Thank You for Your time and consideration.  In Peace.

Bonnie F. Walker, RN, BS, LNC

9 thoughts on “7th Dream, 7th President; Time for Leonard Peltier’s FREEDOM!

  1. Dear Bonnie, as a person who follows their dreams, who started writing from two profound, realistic dreams I had, I believe strongly in the power of dreams. I am praying this is the one that finally frees dear Leonard! I have a strong feeling that President Obama is the strong and brave president who will do it. I’ve had this feeling for the last few months, so I hope that both of us will have our deepest wishes for this wrongfully imprisoned man to be set free, come true.Thank you for your strong advocacy for him and others like him. May great blessings be showered upon your for your untiring work! You have my deepest love and respect as does the man for whom you have devoted so much of your energy over the last seven years. Brenda George

    • Thank You so much Brenda! Yes, Dreams can move us in many ways. I also believe in the Power of Hope, Prayers, Love & Positive Action. I remain Hopeful for Leonard and for President Obama to do what’s right.❤

    • Thank You so much Brenda! Yes, Dreams can move us in many ways. I also believe in the Power of Hope, Prayers, Love & Positive Action. I remain Hopeful for Leonard and for President Obama to do what’s right.❤

  2. Dear Bonnie. Didn t receive word of the arrival of my letter to LPDC yet. it is sent about 5 weeks ago now. You remember? the old book i kept for almost 40 years. Just hopin it didn t disappear. 🙂 A few days ago i was wondering what more i could do and wrote to Mr. Robert. A. Zauzmer. Love, Annemieke. Europe.

    • I suggest you contact ILPDC via e-mail and ask them directly if they received your package. I don’t know what your international mailing system is like, so I have no idea how long it takes to send a package to the USA from your Country. Contact info > contact@whoisleonardpeltier.info
      As for contacting Mr. Zauzmer, he’s new to the job of pardon attorney and I don’t know that he’d have any answers for you. President Obama is the one who makes the final decision about granting Clemency with or without input from the pardon attorney. I understand your frustration Annemieke, but we can only do so much…and people have been trying now for 40 years, so we keep trying!! Thank You.

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