2017-Positive Healing Energy & Love Day


Art work created by Kenny (Coyote); April 2013

UPDATE: February 12, 2017. This is now our 7th year on Facebook (since April 2010) and our 2nd year on Twitter. We are more than a virtual feel-good-one-day-a-month-event on Social Networks. We continue to be an aspired-way-of-life for individuals around the world. However, wherever YOU lead your life in the quiet servitude of Good Faith to both YourselfOthers, Please continue to join us. We remain Open to ALL People who abide with LOVE. Thank YOU. Our ♥♥ to Yours. 

UPDATE: WE Stand in Solidarity on #3rdSunday January 15, 2017 with the On-Line Prayer Event for Leonard Peltier & Indigenous Rightshttps://mommofo2.wordpress.com/2016/12/03/on-line-prayer-event-for-leonard-peltier-indigenous-rights/  WE ask ALL Persons of Good Faith to Join in with us!

This is Monthly Event for all Positive-Minded People who believe in LOVE and Positive Energy as a means of Healing. Each of us has the capacity to help ourselves Heal and assist others in their Healing process. Within each diverse culture that resides upon Mother{Earth} there are innumerable methods of Healing. Within each Spiritual Practice, Religion, and Ideological Community there are Ideas and Ideals that link the Connective Thoughts of Healing. It doesn’t matter to whom or what you hold Allegiance to as long as that Allegiance {your God, Higher Power, or Ideology if you have one} is open to Respect, Honesty, Tolerance, Peace, Justice, Equality, and Love. WE indeed are ONE as we breathe the same air, bleed the same blood and sustain ourselves through the Mother{Earth}. To the Creator each Life has Equal Merit and Worth.

For ALL Living Beings there are 3 absolutes; Birth, Death and the Life WE live in-between. For certain there are innumerable trials and tribulations along the way which may lead to Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Social illnesses; such is the Nature of Living. The Magic and Beauty of Life is that in Our Connected ONENESS, each of us is also a Unique Being — and, just as WE have a uniqueness all our own, so too do the Healing Modalities available to us. The World is full of such a variety of ways that help us Heal; Allopathic Medicine (physicians, nurses, pharmaceuticals, etc), Natural Medicine (acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, etc), Folk Medicine (herbal therapies, essential oils, food-as-medicine, etc) and more. Actually anything you can think of that can be shared with Others in a Loving Positive way can become an avenue for Healing such as, Music, Art, Dance, Cooking, Laughter, Meditation, Prayer, Journaling, Exercise, Gardening, Volunteering; an endless list. What works for one may or may not work for another, but WE have the capacity to learn and then use what resources are available to Help us Heal as best WE can; this too is the Nature of Living.   

As the World has entered into the Age of Technology WE all live at a faster pace. With the onset of the Internet WE are now privy to the Lives of virtually EveryONE who shares Our Home, Mother{Earth} with us. WE become aware of their pains, sorrows, misfortunes, dramas, traumas, illnesses, and fears. However WE also become aware of all their joys, successes, healings, and loves. The technology age has also affected those in the Plant, Animal, and Mineral kingdoms and the Mother{Earth} Herself who is also a Living Being. Our ONENESS is linked to ALL Life. Living at a faster pace (which is a Human phenomenon forced upon other Life forms) has inevitably increased the cycles of Changes for Mother{Earth}. As the Human quest for Change increases it too often has side-stepped the checks and balances that keep us all in sync with EachOTHER, the result of which has brought with it an increase in negativity, apathy, intolerance, injustice, greed, fear, and misplaced power. WE are out of Balance and in the midst of Chaos. Mother{Earth} is crying out in her desperation, mourning, and her own illness that WE as Humanity have put upon Her.  

Since April of 2010 Bonnie Walker (from America) with Loving friends SnowOwl (Sue) Clayton (from Australia), Bryan Cyril (from Kenya), and Kenny (Coyote) SeDillo (from America) have proposed a day to focus on reducing the imbalance and chaos, opening up to LOVE, and elevating the Positive Healing Energies inherent in all of us. We ask that each Human Person (not to be confused with corporation-personhood) take a day, once a month…..the 3rd Sunday to be precise and sometime during that day put Positive Intent into the Universe while saying a few words to Help ALL in need who are suffering. Do what feels right to You — Light a candle, burn incense, smudge, pray alone or with a group, drum, dance, sing, hug a tree, yourself or another person, spend 1-on-1 time with your life partner or your family, play with your children or pets, feed the homeless, nurture your gardens, advocate for Peace & Justice in a non-violent way, write letters to Political Prisoners, Vote…there are so many ways to bring the Positive into our lives. Be aware that your Positive focus of Love and Healing for OUR Mother{Earth} and ALL those who abide with Her can make a difference. Take a few minutes or hours…just please acknowledge and Help to Heal the Diverse Majesty that is Life upon OUR Mother{Earth}. For those who are in a negative state of mind…Please be Open-Minded.

I started this as a Facebook and Word-of-Mouth Event in April of 2010 with my very dear friends Kenny, SnowOwl & Bryan; each joined at a different time. The 4 of us come from different areas on the globe. Our personal lives and backgrounds are diverse and we vary in age and racial/ethnic/cultural beliefs as well as spiritual/religious/ideological practices…yet, We’ve been drawn together by our certainty that Every Life has Equal Merit and Worth and that Humanity-as-a-Whole must take the responsibility to Help Heal OUR Mother{Earth} and ALL Life who abide with Her. We’ve had others join us World-wide; sometimes a few, sometimes many. Actually you don’t need to be on Facebook, Twitter, or any type of Social Network…all you need do is share some Love, Positive Healing Energy, Good Vibes, Happy Thoughts, Kind Words, Good Mojo, Thoughtful Prayers or however You do with Others….How AMAZING it would be if on EVERY 3rd Sunday of the Month Humanity began treating itself with Kindness and Love; not for any purpose, just Because. We’d ALL Help to begin an Era of Healing.

From OUR ♥♥♥♥ to YOURS WE THANK YOU! With LOVE & RESPECT from Bonnie Walker, Kenny SeDillo, SnowOwl Clayton, Bryan Cyril 
POSITIVE HEALING — A Poem written by Kenny (April 2013)
Red, White, Black and Yellow
Mother{Earth} needs us all to aid Her Struggle
All it takes is a helping hand
Reaching out to help your fellow man…
So let’s all look beyond tomorrow
To see what’s going on today
Because if we don’t slow down and Recognize
Mother{Earth} may go away…
It has nothing to do with Religion
Or what somebody else may believe
You know we’re living together upon this Earth
Let’s all help the World to see…
That it’s not about who’s right or wrong
It’s not about who’s weak or strong
It’s not about the color of our skin
It’s about coming together so the whole world can win…
A little smile shared with a stranger
Picking up some garbage in the way
Every bit can make Mother{Earth}
A better place than it is today…
So let’s all work and come together
On this Positive Healing Energy & Love Day
We welcome anything you’re able to accomplish
Please come stand beside us on this important day…♥

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