Slow Genocide in American Prisons thru Medical Neglect & Indifference



Mumia Abu-Jamal; current Pennsylvania State Political Prisoner

sandra bland R.I.P.

Sandra Bland (R.I.P.) former Prisoner in Waller County Texas; died in custody


Leonard Peltier; current Federal Political Prisoner








Urgent Update; 1/8/16For close to a year now *Leonard Peltier has complained of feeling increasingly ill and has continually requested medical treatment. He was finally seen by Prison Medical Staff and diagnosed with an enlarged Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm; a potentially deadly condition. The Prison says it will schedule tests and surgery. From past experiences we know Leonard has NOT received timely Medical Treatment. Leonard is a Federal Prisoner, his life is in the hands of his current facility; USP Coleman 1 in Florida, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and President Barack Obama. An Alert has been sent out to Leonard’s Supporters to contact Leonard’s Prison, The Federal Bureau of Prisons and President Obama. This is  grave situation >>

This Is An Open Letter To All Who Should Be Concerned And To Those Who May Be Interested:

There is an extreme problem happening within America’s Penal System that must be addressed. It’s within all types of detainment centers from local to state to federal and private. Proponents of “Prison Reform” have not addressed this issue; no one has. It’s that ugly elephant in the room that no one wants to notice. Some have danced around this issue but they have not addressed it head on. As I write this I’m fully aware that other pieces will be forthcoming and many will be more eloquent than mine. When you put the thought out in the ethers others pick it up. Good. The lives of too many are at stake.

Under article eight of the United States Constitution it states that for all convicted Prisoners, “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” It has long been historically mandated that medical care and treatment is a Human Right for all Prisoners and failure to give necessary medical treatment is considered a violation of this article. This failure to ignore/neglect/withhold medical treatment exists not only for those “convicted”, but also for those who are pursued, arrested, and taken into police custody prior to conviction. It is known through prison advocates, human rights advocates, legal advocates and prisoners themselves that medical care by and large is woefully lacking in most detainment facilities in America. Medical Neglect & Indifference runs rampant; this is what I call another form of Slow Genocide. It’s an odd thing, when someone is on deathrow awaiting execution they are treated for any serious medical condition they have so that they will be as healthy as possible when they are murdered by their respected States.

In April 2015 I wrote a piece called American Prisons; A Public Health Crisis (with mention of #MumiaAbuJamal) > and here I push the subject further on.

It’s well known that America houses the most prisoners in the world with numbers around 2+ million depending on what you read. This does not seem to include Metropolitan (Town, City, County, etc) Jails, Juvenile Centers, or some other types of Detainment Centers so the numbers balloon to a total of what some reports say is well beyond 6 million! Because individuals on probation or parole are also denied their basic human rights, this number again balloons even higher…and even after probation and parole the stigma of incarceration lingers and human rights continue to be denied. The numbers of individuals mostly within racial/ethnic minorities, low socioeconomic levels, and those with mental illnesses and other disabilities who have or have had their Constitutional/Legal, Civil, Human (and Treaty where applicable) Rights violated by our very own governments is staggering….and continues to grow. Degree of guilt or crime is immaterial. Innocence is immaterial. Once someone is imprisoned they are treated as guilty and even as reasonable doubts and actual innocence may surface few if any are totally ever Free of the stigma of being an American Prisoner.

The monetary cost of incarceration is exorbitant; there is a huge expense in housing well over 2-6 million individuals for days and years on end. However big business and private (prison) corporations reap high benefits from this indentured servitude and with their contracts with both State and Federal Governments. After all, the Prison industry is an economic mainstay in America that has been force-fed to grow bigger. One way that operating expenses are kept down is to cut-back, neglect, and deny medical care to inmates. This happens in many ways quite simply by withholding/denying/ignoring, or reducing necessary medications and other necessary diagnostic procedures & treatments. Prisoners no matter if they are actually innocent or guilty are nothing more than commodities; like slaves their humanity has been stripped from them and their lives are considered worthless and they become nothing more than chattel.**

America’s prisons/jails/detaining facilities are a hotbed of infectious diseases due to overcrowding, poor sanitation, poor nutrition and staff that are untrained, undertrained or unwilling to follow protocols for infectious diseases, safety, and ethical care. In some of these facilities inmates themselves are used as “staff” for the worst of menial jobs…and that includes caring for those with contagious diseases. Of concern is the growing epidemic of Hepatitis C. Its prevalence not only grows inside America’s various forms of Prisons; the prevalence grows within the general population as well. Hepatitis C is caused by a virus and is transmitted through blood; it can be both acute and chronic. The actual known cases of Hepatitis C in the general population is unknown; there are however estimates that perhaps 4 million people are infected. Individuals can become infected and be symptom free until they begin to feel the effects of the disease, which could take many years if not decades. There are also individuals with HepC, who never become ill, but they still carry the living virus and can spread the disease. Once the disease becomes active the results are devastating and can lead to death…unless appropriate treatment is given. Until recently, there has been no cure for Hepatitis C. In America’s penal system there have been estimates that 1 in 3 prisoners may be positive for HepC. Some but not all detainment facilities within the vast American Prison Empire test inmates for HepC; however prisoners do not necessarily get the results of their tests. Reports indicate that although there may be protocols for both testing and then treating inmates for HepC, these protocols in actuality are rarely if ever followed. An Internet website that has useful and more current information than seen on other websites is The National Hepatitis Corrections Network (NHCN); they also have good resource links.

It seems more than sensible that both the General Populace and Individuals within America’s vast Penal System should be treated for HepC. In the past few years new drugs have emerged that produce an actual cure rate that is impressive. These drugs are very costly. There is something evil and perverse within American Pharmaceutical Companies that would produce an effective drug that could reduce the incidence of an epidemic and potentially deadly disease…yet make it unaffordable to the people who need it most.

But there is more than just cost that plays into the treatment of HepC…especially for Prisoners — Politics, Greed, and Prejudice come into play. Why pay to medically treat or cure Inmates…America’s Chattel. And…. it is more than HepC. The medical neglect and indifference towards America’s incarcerated includes all forms of diseases, conditions, injuries, etc. We see this now as the State of Pennsylvania denies *Mumia Abu-Jamal treatment for his Hepatitis C after almost killing him when he developed an acute onset of Diabetes (brought on by the HepC he was unaware of….though his prison knew). We’ve seen this on and off for nearly 4 decades as the Federal Government has at times withheld *Leonard Peltier’s Diabetes and Blood Pressure Medications. Shockingly *Sandra Bland’s (R.I.P.) “suicide” in a Texas County Jail could have and should have been prevented. The truth of the matter is there are and have been countless individuals who have not been in the public eye who have been and are currently being medically neglected and treated with indifference within the American Prison Empire. For those of us who have had or now have Loved ones in America’s jails, prisons, detainment centers, on parole, on probation, or “living with their pasts”….we know of this neglect; we have seen it first-hand. We are in the millions and our numbers are far greater than those with HepC and other contagious diseases!

There is and has been a long established Slow Genocide in American Prisons through Medical Neglect and Indifference that few are willing to acknowledge or recognize. Who cares if inmates become deathly ill and die without compassionate and appropriate care? Who cares if inmates are beaten, brutalized, and killed or found dead from “probable suicides”? Certainly “prison reform” does not address any of this, but then again we are talking about those deemed “undesirable” by a Justice System and its Advocates who have knowingly incarcerated innocent individuals in local, state, and federal detainment facilities due to their own malfeasance and misconduct putting their bias/prejudice/racism, politics and greed before real Justice. Who cares? I do…..and I know there are so many others who also care! AND…..We will continue to speak out for those who thru Medical Neglect and Indifference are too weak to speak or no who longer have a voice.

…..“to willfully neglect, refuse to administer or procrastinate giving humane medical treatment and healthcare to prisoners is torture. So too is withholding needed treatment and care for political and bureaucratic reasons. I refer you to the United States Constitution, the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment and to the Geneva Convention; although the Geneva Convention refers to War, prison in my mind is War (BFW)”.

For information on Mumia Abu-Jamal please go to >

For information on Leonard Peltier please go to >

Sandra Bland‘s death from “suicide” remains questionable to many.

** Chattel = personal property such as livestock, furniture, slave.

Thank You. In Peace. Respectfully,  Bonnie F. Walker, RN, BS, LNC

13 thoughts on “Slow Genocide in American Prisons thru Medical Neglect & Indifference

  1. Exactly, slower genocide is just that! Please help Mr. Leonard Peltier get clemency, and/or the parole he, and humanity, truly deserves, advocate and evoke. Leonard has carried a constant burden for all of humanity, for over 39 years straight, graciously, courageously, and with great generosity, and, besides thanking him, we have a responsibility to act, not just to right the wrongs of this world, to act to lessen Leonard’s, and those like Leonard’s, burdens; they’ve humbly born for us all. Luckily, “we, the people…”, as opposed to the Gov’t who should be but isn’t, can still be the voice for those unheard; let us do what we can do to support Leonard’s clemency, etc.. I’m sending another set of letter, phone, fax, email to the President next week. Happy All Hallow’s eve’, blessings be…. reality

  2. Dear Bonnie Walker. I am saddened today to read that Joan died. My heartfelt condolances to her family and to you. She had contact with me when i was still on FB. I sent her foto’s of a book called “The Longest Walk”, a book i have kept for almost 40 years now. It took some trouble cause the foto’s disappeared on FB. So i managed to send some to her via E-mail. Then i decided to get off FB. For obvious reasons. i kept receiving mails from Joan and did evrything i could to support Leonard. I signed all i could, wrote to him via a site i can t remember. The book was published by Foundation Leonard Peltier House in Amsterdam here in The Netherlands around 1980? It contains texts by Leonard Peltier, Philip Deer and others, and beautiful foto’s of the longest walk. I have kept it dearly all those years. I always had a very deep spiritual bond with Native American tribes/peoples. My question to you because i know you were working together with her from when i was still on FB. is this: I would like the book to come into the possession of Leonard. But as i read you can only send letters or cards, i do not trust to send it . Whom could you advise me to send it too, i would prefer direct family of Leonard, but have no info whatsoever about his family. Or i could send it to you, or to Leonards Lawyer, who might be able to show it to him in prison? I have not much trust in the prisonsystem overthere so… The book could be used to inspire youth, pictures could be reprinted, texts could be used. A copy of it sent to a museum? I do hope i can reach to sent it to his family, where it really belongs via you. Someone can translate the dutch. With all my love, waiting for an e-mail from you. Kind regards, Annemieke van den Dool.

    • Your kindness touches my heart. Thank You so much Annemieke. Joanie was such a Loving friend; We thought of ourselves as sisters and I remain in contact with her daughter. I miss her terribly. I will contact you via e-mail about your book. My hearftfelt appreciation for you strong support for Leonard.

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