Just Another Day in the USA: An Open Letter to America.

nelson mandela2Just another day in the USA…..when the F**K will America WAKE UP? Seriously I can barely look anywhere on Social Networks. I refuse to watch “news” on TV and too many Internet websites are just as bad. Media, Politicians, and [some] Theorists put “spins” on happenings so that truth becomes more lie than reality. WE are in a deep world of hurt. Please understand just because it ain’t happening to YOU or someONE you know, don’t mean it doesn’t exist. What you may hear or see in the “news” is just a small percentage of actual events that continue to tear up the very fabric of [perceived] Justice and Freedom here in America. We are a Narcissistic Nation thinking that we are better than anyONE else in the world; we believe our way is the best. In this way of thinking we have encroached on many other nations “sharing” our form of Capitalistic Democracy with them and they’ve bought our line of BS so well that they have become as narcissistic as we are. When I say “We” I’m including members of our Populace as well as Government. Because we are a “Democracy”, we-the-people have voted for the legislators who have helped to mold the USA into what it is; generation after generation. And look where we are today. Here’s a short list (in no particular order) of grievous problems within the USA that too many everyday people (along with media, politicians, government agencies, etc) would rather ignore or refuse to believe and acknowledge.

1. Gun Control — “the right to bear arms”….yes it’s YOUR right but apparently that’s only really the case if you’re a White Man and to a lesser degree a White Woman. “Open Carry” laws don’t seem to pertain to racial/ethnic/religious minorities. Gun Control or actually APPROPRIATE CHECKS AND BALANCES must be in place, but then again some “Gun Control” as in Chicago makes it easier for the contraband weapons market to flourish. Having “lone gunmen” shooting up movie theaters, churches, schools, etc has sadly become all too common place. It’s a sad statement that so many Politicos, Lobbyists, and Everyday People in America care more about their guns than about their people.

2. Police Brutality & Mass Incarceration are elements of Oppressive Enslavement and Genocide — Understand it — if YOU are Black, Native, Latino, Asian, Muslim (or another non-Christian religion), Homeless, Mentally Ill, Physically Disabled, Poor, some other disenfranchised Person (or a combination thereof), a Peaceful Activist, or anyONE who may look “different from the norm” in too many parts of America YOU may either become Target Practice, OR be subject to a beat-down that leads to imprisonment/death….even if you’re Innocent! Being an affluent racial/ethnic/religious minority does not mean you’re safe. Believe it that at some point even being an everyday White Man or Woman may no longer shield you from the “long-arm of the law” if the system does NOT change. Police quotas for arrests must be met. Jails and Prisons must keep their beds full. Police Brutality and Mass Incarceration go hand-in-hand. The United States of America has always been a Slave Nation.

3. Repeat after me ….WE HAVE ONLY ONE HOME, Mother{Earth}! If you care Nothing for humanity or any other form of life…then DO NOTHING…Too many Corporations-as-People are taking control of food production, energy sources, etc. This of course is in the name of “Progress” and “Good Economics”. However the REAL reality is to keep filling the pockets of those who control Corporations-as-People. Even in light of undisputed facts, they care nothing for the future and the harm they continue to do. Big Oil/Mining Companies, Big Food Companies and others are killing the Land, poisoning water and air. By just this alone they are altering the fragile eco-systems which will no longer be able to sustain the life-forms who cannot adapt. When the food chain is altered, when air is unbreathable, when water is filled with toxic by-products of industry — this becomes a blatant form of Extinction and Genocide!

4. YOUR Loving God/Goddess/Religion/Spiritual Practice (if you have one) is NOT better than mine or anyONE else’s. If what you believe in is not based in caring, empathizing, acknowledging, sharing, tolerating, etc ……well perhaps you need to re-think what you abide in. No Loving Deity tells YOU to Hate….even if that someONE happens to have a different sexual orientation than You! No matter what your belief system, the Holy Books you read from were written by Humans….and if you haven’t figured it out by now….Humanity is Fallible!

5. War, what is it good for? Absolutely NOTHING! Listen up, NO War be it towards drugs, poverty, other countries, ideologies or whatever is really victorious! Thru any perceived victory there is always an opposition trying to take over. You never kill an idea thru fear and intimidation or thru brutality and death. The ONE thing War does do is line the pockets of those who support the War Machine. Throughout history war has lead to war has lead to war, etc. America loves war; we’ll arm any sort of regime, we’ll keep sacrificing our children…and then we’ll wonder why Peace eludes us as we mourn our dead and look around the corner for new enemies or dragons to slay. It occurs to very few whose lives are embroiled with the economics of war that enduring positive changes towards Peace are available thru [real]truth in education, and [real]truth in understanding. There is Strength in Peace. War is for bullies and cowards.

We all know that America has been steeped in institutional racism since its founding; it has legislated and incorporated Hate! To deny this denies our true history. Blacks were enslaved; bought and sold as livestock, not considered human. Natives were not considered anything; the hope was that they would die off thru extermination practices. Other Non-Whites, non-Christians along with impoverished Whites were systemically imprisoned, forced into slave labor, or hunted and killed for sport. Hatred for anyONE who did not meet the fantasy of “Puritan” was the norm. Thru generations and centuries little has changed. Indeed there have been steps and laws and programs to bring that sense of Equality to [some] racial/ethnic/religious minorities, but for every step forward there have been 2 steps backwards. There have been NO earnest attempts to dismantle institutional racism which remains woven into all of our founding doctrines. There have been NO earnest attempts to reduce the inequities of one group without demeaning another. Indeed for any legislation that proclaims Equality thru Justice comes more legislation with exceptions to that rule. The question I pose….can America undo institutional racism by building a new stronger more solid foundation, one that legislates and incorporates Respect, Tolerance and Understanding for ALL its People?

Dedicated to all those thru the years who have been met with Injustice in America resulting in death or imprisonment. Unfortunately the list is almost endless. And so it is and so I am. In Peace.

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