Speaking Out; Why EveryONE Needs to Care About Mumia Abu-Jamal!


I do my best in my personal and professional life to keep a Positive attitude and outlook even in dire circumstances. That being said let me tell YOU why YOU need to care about State of Pennsylvania Prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal. Mumia, usually a fairly healthy individual had been ill with a number of physical complaints for a few months which lead him to being treated as an out-patient at the prison infirmary to his collapsing on March 30, 2015, being briefly hospitalized at a local hospital outside the prison and then discharged to his prison infirmary as an in-patient. After spending a number of days in the prison infirmary Mumia was then discharged to general population within his prison; his medical condition was not stable. After an increased outcry from supporters, Mumia has now been re-admitted to the prison infirmary. Hearing descriptions of his physical symptoms and seeing photos of him I can tell you without a doubt that his Medical care has been Negligent. This is not a case of someone ignoring a vital sign or missing administering a dose of medication; this is a case of purposeful Negligence in diagnostics and treatments from his first onset of symptoms until now. It is more than obvious that the prison infirmary either cannot administer the type of care that Mumia requires…or else they are being mandated to give negligent care! The talk around the Internet is that the State of Pennsylvania is Killing Mumia thru Medical Neglect….this looks to be TRUE!

Mumia is a high-profile Prisoner and as such has thousands of supporters world-wide including dignitaries, celebrities, social & human rights activists, politicos, and more rallying for him. For this discussion his case, his innocence or guilt, and his celebrity status as a “political prisoner” are immaterial. What is relevant is the fact that his Constitutional Rights within both his State of Pennsylvania and the United States are being denied and violated! What is relevant is that his Civil and Human Rights within his State of Pennsylvania and the United States are being denied and violated!

Let’s get real…if this Medical Negligence is happening to Mumia who can garner public recognition through social media and move hundreds of thousands of supporters to respond through Prayers and/or actual Action on his behalf —— Medical Negligence is also happening to the over 2 million individuals housed in State and Federal Prisons along with the untold millions in County and City Jails, and other Detainment Centers (including Private Prison Systems) ….and they have NOONE to rally support and speak for them!! Nowadays as WE see MORE Police Brutality and less Justice within our Justice Systems, as WE see MORE Poverty-Stricken/Homeless, Racial/Ethnic Minorities, Mentally Ill & Disabled People imprisoned regardless of guilt —— WE are seeing an epidemic of Medical Negligence within EVERY type of Prison/Jail System in America!

Why should YOU care about any of this….because, because it may happen to ONE of YOUR Loved Ones ORYOU if YOU happen to be one of the disenfranchised, the 98%! NOONE deserves to be tortured and left to die a painful death from treatable illnesses when there IS access to appropriate Medical Treatment!!!

I have a Loved One in Prison and although he tells me not to worry, I know what happens inside of Prisons and each day I worry for his safety, his health and his very life! I also know there are millions of families & friends who understand and feel exactly as I do! In Solidarity with LOVE & RESPECT! My ♥ to Yours. Bonnie F. Walker, RN,BS,LNC ♥

4 thoughts on “Speaking Out; Why EveryONE Needs to Care About Mumia Abu-Jamal!

  1. I have been a Correctional Officer with CCA DbCF 1995-2001. Their Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics, Chain of Command was a failure within their infrastructure with their ability to provide Safety and Security for all Inmates and Staff. I support Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu-Jamal in their Fight For Freedom because their health problems are lifethreatening, and they’re being denied Adequate Medical Attention. These are Innocent Men who are fighting to live.

  2. Thank You so much Resi for your comment. Your truth resonates as we see that so much of humanity who for whatever reason are/become “disenfranchised” turn into nothing more than commodities in the hands of those who cater to corporations-as-people and value $$$ and perceived power over all else. No matter what an individual’s status in life, each is allowed his/her Human Rights….to deny ONE is to deny ALL. Respect & Love

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