My Birthday (again); Time to Set Leonard Peltier FREE!

LP-2015 B-day
April 16th, 2015
Dear President Obama (and Others who should be concerned), as I was beginning to write you my yearly Birthday letter asking that you Please grant my Birthday wish of Executive Clemency to Native American Federal Prisoner Leonard Peltier (89637-132), the words themselves came out in rhyme and so my letter is now a poem. No disrespect intended, my poetry flows as it chooses.

Happy Birthday to ME; Time to Set Leonard Peltier FREE!

Oy Vey Oy Vey What Can I Say
I’m having me another Birthday,
I’m so HAPPY to still be alive
Although each year it gets harder to survive,
‘cause I’m a member of the 98%
And each month I pray I can pay the rent!

Again I’m writing to YOU about a long old Drama
That’s caused multiple decades of ongoing Trauma,
The Government is the stone cold cause of it
But they don’t like to acknowledge their evil s**t,
YOU’re the 7th President entwined in this malicious degradation
That is a horrible stain upon our “Democratic” Nation!

This is the 7th year I been asking YOU to grant me a Birthday favor
Which will only take YOU a few moments of minimal labor,
Wow I’m now realizing it’s been 7 years of asking & YOU’re the 7th President
Seems like somehow these numbers may be relevant,
7 years of innumerable phone calls, e-mails, letters (& 4 years of tweets)
My wish/favor is something only YOU can complete!

This poem may seem silly juvenile & ridiculous
But YOU’ve heard from me enough to know I’m all the way serious,
America was built upon the notion of Equality & Justice
That don’t apply to the Disenfranchised which is now most of us,
It looks like the “Land of Plenty” is a thing of the past
Very sadly our Democracy is in decay and fading fast!

MLK, Jr said “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom”
This statement says it true and echoes in each and every room,
Politicos & Congress are no more than sick twisted jokes
I wonder if they smoking some bad tainted tokes,
So many lies and deceptions it’s hard to believe
We-The-People are receiving information to deceive!

Oh my I seem to be ranting & getting carried away
Talking about InJustice always incites my dismay,
Millions of People or ONE Man – it don’t matter
The time is NOW for some TRUTHFUL chatter,
InJustice to ONE is Injustice to ALL
It spreads like a deadly virus and all of us fall!

The misdeeds of our racist forefathers have been in place too long
It’s time NOW for ALL of us to come together and be strong,
Don’t matter what ancestry each one may be possessing
The Creator gives each of us his/her divine blessing,
President Obama I’m asking YOU again to take a stand
That will help return Equality & Justice to our sick & depraved land!

All of this to say that in the Blossoming Month of May
PLEASE give my Birthday wish some favorable play,
AGAIN I ask YOU to Grant Executive Clemency to Leonard Peltier
His wrongful incarceration continues to bring to many People across the Globe a very painful tear,
I SHOUT it from the rooftops I WANT to see Leonard Peltier become FREE
This would be a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gift for ME!!

Respectfully I Thank You for your time and consideration. In Peace.
In & With the Spirit of Crazy Horse.
In memory of my dear friend Joan Rodriguez (R.I.P.)…I can hear her laughing from the Heavens and if she were still here with us on this Earthly plane she’d be tweeting this all over the Internet & sending this to you too!
Bonnie F. Walker, RN, BS, LNC

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