In Loving Memory of Joan Rodriguez

healing candle

The Heavens Have Welcomed the Beautiful Spirit of Joan Rodriguez; may she be at Peace & Grace….unless she decides to make a little Mischief!!

It is with a grieving  that I relate to all family & friends on Social Networks that Our beloved dear sister and friend Joan Rodriguez (@Joanie399) moved on to Spirit World on February 22, 2015; Joanie died peacefully in her sleep. We were not ready to have her leave us, but I believe she had another calling to follow and the heavens are certainly a richer place now with her there. Joanie touched the heart of each person she came in contact with, whether by phone call, e-mail, My Space, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others. Those of us who are active on Social Networks for various causes, projects, calls-to-action, etc pertaining to Peace, Justice, Human Rights, Environmental Rights and so much more know of Joanie’s passion to make the world a better place for all inhabitants who share Our Home; Mother{Earth}. She mos def Walked Her Talk!! I say “know” instead of “knew” because Joanie’s passion has been shared with countless others…it still lives and breathes within all of us and we in turn will continue to live it and share it. Joanie’s daughter Angie has given me permission to write about Joanie and post to Social Networks. I’m finding that as I start writing about my incredible beloved friend, I can’t seem to stop; there are so many things to say and Joanie would sometimes tell me…you have too many words, or not enough! So I will make this piece brief (sort of).

Few people know of the outreach and impact Joanie had on My Space, Facebook, Google+, and especially Twitter…where she was labeled in one analytical Twitter platform as “Influential”. She would laugh at me when I called her Influential, even when I showed her the page. She was the ultimate multi-tasker on Social Networks and had her own data system for spreading needed information and doing outreach. That system was highly protected and unhackable. No one except Joanie had access to her work. Joanie preferred to stay in the background and just do the work, most of the time. She did allow me to acknowledge her work on a few occasions publicly. I actually don’t know the magnitude of Joanie’s outreach on the Internet except to say it was impressively huge!! Both Joanie and the work she did in helping others is and will forever be irreplaceable!

There will be a private memorial service at some point in the future. Please understand the family is grieving and sharing their grief with others at this time on Social Networks is overwhelming. Please keep Joanie and her family in your Prayers. If you want to know how you can help the family or how you can best pay tribute to Joanie, we are requesting that you make a donation to whatever charity or cause you hold dear to your . Thank You for your Understanding, Support, Love and Kindness.

I will try to respond/acknowledge those who choose to share prayers, positive comments, etc on our Facebook event pages and/or our individual personal Facebook and Twitter pages. I’m sorry that I will not be able to respond to each of you personally, I do not have Joanie’s contact lists nor do I have Joanie’s exceptional computer skills. My  to Yours.

Facebook Events:

Monthly TWITTER STORM & Virtual ACTION Event for Leonard Peltier!

TWITTER STORM: Tell President Obama & Congress #NoKXL!

P.S. As many of you know Joanie was an active supporter for Native American Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier. I have written a letter to Leonard via USPS and told him of Joanie’s passing. He has been aware of some of the work she did for him. Now he knows even more.

In and with The Spirit of Crazy Horse. Bonnie F. Walker, RN, BS, LNC

19 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of Joan Rodriguez

  1. Reblogged this on Freddy and Little Massi Calling Corp and commented:
    It is with great sadness that we at Freddy & Little Massi Calling Corp have just learned that our good friend and supporter, Joan Rodriguez, walked on on February 22nd. Joan was a loving and kind person, who was strongly active in promoting many causes and bringing change for the better to our world. She regularly shared Freddy & Little Massi’s posts on Twitter and was always at the ready to show her support for our activities by getting the word out. Thank you, Joan, for everything you always did for so many. May you walk in beauty and in the knowledge that you will be lovingly remember by your many friends.

  2. I never met Joan in person but she will live in my heart forever as a bright, loyal, generous and loving person. I shall miss her kindness and friendship

  3. The feeling of a friend is the most AMAZING worth one can feel, not just any friend but the friend who listens to your music and dances with you. It had been forever since i had felt friendship at it’s purest,… THANK YOU JOANIE. My feet had been cemented for so long and stationed in the same moment regardless of time. I truly had been blessed with a GREAT FB FRIEND whom had become FAMILY,… R.I.P. Joanie,…

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