39 Years is TOO Long: FREE Leonard Peltier!!

February 5, 2015 until there is Justice
Open Letter to President Obama and Others Who Should Be Concerned!
On June 26th 1975 during The Reign of Terror on Pine Ridge Reservation instigated in part by the FBI, two FBI agents and one Native American lost their lives (to this day there have been no investigations into the death of the young Native American). The FBI was furious that their seditious plan failed and resulted in the deaths of two of their men; they cared nothing for the young Native American who was also killed. American Indian Movement members Dino Butler and Bob Robideau were arrested for the FBI murders and taken to trial in the summer of 1976. Much to the chagrin of the FBI, both men were acquitted on grounds of self-defense. Jimmy Eagle a young Native American caught up in the FBI’s failed efforts had also been arrested, but charges against him were dropped. This led the way to the FBI’s insane need for revenge and vengeance for their own botched and disastrous coup upon Pine Ridge (and their own hand in killing two of their own men). #LeonardPeltier became their scapegoat.
February 6th 2015 marks the 39th anniversary of the illegal arrest of Native American Political Prisoner #LeonardPeltier in Canada under the Presidency of Gerald Ford. In December of that same year, 1976, #LeonardPeltier was then unlawfully extradited to the United States. In the summer of 1977 #LeonardPeltier was convicted of the murders of the two FBI agents in 1975. Fraudulent evidence, lack of due process of law, and other malfeasances became evident through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) as #LeonardPeltier, his legal representatives, and other advocates rallied for new trials, appeals, parole, and clemency. Governments and Dignitaries from Countries around the world have asked 6 previous United States Presidents and our current President, Barack Obama to Grant Clemency to #LeonardPeltier. With open public records that clearly point out violation upon violation of Constitutional, Legal, Civil, Human, and Treaty Rights put upon #LeonardPeltier by the United States Government and its agencies, #LeonardPeltier remains incarcerated. ***referenced by the United States Constitution, the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment and the Geneva Convention.
The FBI and other Federal and State agencies have and continue to act with impunity in cases such as #LeonardPeltiers. In America mass incarceration is taken as “normal” for our society; prisons hold more than a few individuals who are truly innocent. In federal, state, local prisons, detention centers, jails, etc there are hundreds if not thousands of non-guilty people “doing time”. Their guilt has been manufactured to meet the needs or egos or racist indoctrinations of government, bureaucracies, and certain individuals. There IS no Justice! There IS no Redress! Even when innocence has been firmly established for a wrongly incarcerated individual there is no guarantee that the wrong will be made right! The office of the President has executive power under the United States Constitution to release Federal inmates. In State governments for State inmates Governors have this power…yet innocent Men and Women remain incarcerated….there is something so very wrong and so very criminal about all of this!
39 years is too long! 39 years is too long! Let me say it one more time >> 39 YEARS IS TOO LONG!
President Obama, your tenure of Presidency is over in less than two years. You and You alone hold the lives of #LeonardPeliter and ALL wrongfully incarcerated federal inmates in your hands. No Lie! Do something courageous, begin now to start in motion a task force to actively review and investigate those who have been wrongfully incarcerated for any and all crimes. This needs to be a work-intensive task force; granting clemencies will become a part of your daily routine. I’ve seen that something like this has been suggested and perhaps may be in “the works”, however with the low priority you have given to releasing those wrongly incarcerated; I would say they are failing in their mission. Many who are considered Political Prisoners are elderly and in poor health; if YOU do NOT release these people, they may DIE before YOU get around to it. This would be BLOOD on YOUR hands! Those who are wrongly incarcerated DESERVE to be FREE; it is their HUMAN RIGHT! Start today and start first with #LeonardPeltier!
I Respectfully Thank You as always for your time and consideration.
In Peace.
Bonnie F. Walker, RN, BS, LNC

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