Dreamland; Leonard Peltier & FREEDOM Personified!

photo courtesy of Nanette Long

photo courtesy of Nanette Long

Those who know me know I have had occasion to dream of Leonard Peltier through the years; no doubt due to my active advocacy for his FREEDOM! Indeed the White House may have a room…or at least a large closet filled with the letters I’ve written on his behalf asking that he be granted Executive Clemency. This dream…actually I had TWO dreams last night…. took me by surprise; with all the unrest in the Country now due to Racist murders of Black Men by White Police (or wannabe police), a Congress bent on WAR and robbery of Native Lands, and some of my own personal stuff, I was a bit surprised to “see” Leonard. However after sitting and contemplating my dream and knowing a bit about the Man himself, it all makes sense to me! Let me break it down for You →→→

DREAM #1: The scene looks like a dilapidated army barracks or a prison camp; lots of buildings surrounded by desolate land. To some it may look like an Indian Reservation…and then you notice the prison artillery towers and barbed wire fences. People live in small cluttered apartments; elders, disabled, poor, whole families, etc…a rag-tag of society’s throw-aways existing on the barest of necessities. I’m living in one such apartment with a bunch of other folks but I can’t distinguish who they are except I know them all. There is a light tapping on the front door in the dark of a dreary evening. It is Leonard so bundled in old torn clothing he is hardly recognizable. Leonard has been granted Executive Clemency, but it’s secret; very few people know about this. The Country is in serious chaos and turmoil with intense civil unrest. Already there are racial/ethnic minorities protesting in almost every large city in the country; the USA is at its breaking point. There is concern that if some elements of the populace know that Leonard is FREE, all Hell will REALLY break lose OR there may be a HUGE Celebration which may be just as frightening to those who fear Solidarity and Unity! It is up to a few of us to get Leonard out of the Prison Camp…it sort of feels as if we’re doing an “underground railroad” kind of thing reminiscent of the Civil War and the FREEDOM of Black Slaves. We bring Leonard inside, give him some food to eat, pack up what necessities we have left over and 4 of us move Leonard around from building to building getting even more supplies and finally we get him to the outside parameter and he is FREE!

INTERMISSION: I wake up surprised by the dream, but realizing how it all makes sense. I’m equally surprised that Leonard and my associates, although elders, all look and move so well; WE HELPED TO FREE Leonard Peltier! WOO HOO! Then I laugh a bit because it felt like I was inside a story that my son David wrote. Then I feel sadness because My Kenny is still locked up…and I fall back asleep.

DREAM #2: The setting is just as it is in the first dream (so I’m thinking that this must be part 2 of Dream #1). Again there are a bunch of folks in the small apartment, but another day or more has passed; dawn has broken. There is no radio, TV, computer, phone, no real way to communicate to the outside world. Yet here we are talking in hushed whispers and waiting….waiting to hear that Leonard is Safe! There is a light tapping on the door, it is Leonard!! Behind him are a group of young men and women…Leonard says with a chuckle, “Meet my posse”! Then he says, “You all helped to FREE Me, turnabout is fair play; we’re here to FREE You”! And then……WE ALL ARE FREE! (no blood was shed).

EPILOGUE: In all the dreams I have had of Leonard during the past few years they have all been about his FREEDOM in one way or another and I consider them to be Good Omens! As this one falls so close to the new Human Rights Campaign for December 10, 2014 on Human Rights Day, I ask that YOU all PLEASE join in the movement > http://www.iwillask.info/ This campaign was initiated by Jack Healey, Founder, Human Rights Action Center (and formerly of Amnesty International). THINK FREEDOM, JUSTICE, EQUALITY, PEACE…and of course LOVE!

In and with the Spirit of Crazy Horse, I Thank You! Bonnie Walker

5 thoughts on “Dreamland; Leonard Peltier & FREEDOM Personified!

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  2. Dearest Bonnie – what extraordinary dreams! The first one was a bit sary, with a positive ending, but the second one was full of hope and joy. We shall wait with baited breath the outcome. You mentioned your Kenny is still not free. May I ask who he is and what his circumstances are? Are you Native yourself? My last two books bring in prison, took my 20 years of writing and research from 1983. Priosners are my special concern. They so need all the unconditional love they can get. And so many of them, like leonard are innocent! Thank you once again for your strong advocacy for leonard and for others like him!

    • Thank You Brenda. Our prison system is in great need of reform. Individuals who are racial/ethnic minorities, or in some other way disenfranchised suffer greatly; both those who are guilty & innocent. Kenny is a very close friend who is incarcerated under the State system. He readily admits to his involvement in a non-lethal crime. He had ineffective counsel during his trial and as a result has spent 20+ years in Prison. Under other circumstances he could have done much less time or not have done any at all. I’ve worked with individuals who have spent time in prison and also have family and other friends who have also done time. With such a high incarceration level here in the USA, it’s not an abnormality to know people who have spent time in jail/prison. I’ve never been in jail/prison and I’m not Native. American.

      • Thank you for answering me, Bonnie! Actually, I’ve been deeply researching American prisons since 1984, and had two tours of Sing Sing Prison in upstate New york in 1985 and 1988, for two of my epic novels (which came out in october last year and the second, about two weeks ago), which also brings in Rihers island in New York. I have also spoken to dozens of maximum security inmates, wrote amost daily letters to a prisoner in Richmond, who was later sent back to Georgia, for about three years, and read many books and articles about prisons there generally, so I know a lot about the justice system there. It was during this research that I actually turned up Leonard Peltier. Somebody gave me his book many years ago for my birthday, knowing how interested I am in prison and prisoners, innocent or guilty. (I have very strong views on how they should be treated.) So I know all too well how unjust his incarceration was. I twice wrote to Leonard, but I didn’t get a reply. I suppose he gets thousands of letters, and there is no good reason why he should answer me, anyway, except that I wanted so badly for him to be set free. Now i wish the same for your Kenny, and all those other people who have been treated badly by the justice system. As for the death penalty. It’s abominable, and America is one of the few countries still using it in some states. If I sound anti-American, I don’t mean to. I love America. Don’t like where it’s heading though. It’s like there’s a civil rights struggle all over again! When black people protest and hold up signs like “Black Lives Matter’, it just breaks my heart. The Indians have suffered so badly, too. Unpeakably, actually. I’ve had an affinity with them since I was a child. Sorry about this diatribe, but you touched on a subject very close to me heart! Love and blessings and please convey my deepest love and respect to Leonard if you are able.

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