Human Rights Violated: Leonard Peltier & Michael Brown

LP-MA 2014




To President Obama, Attorney General Holder with whoever fills your position, and AnyONE else who should be concerned:

December 1, 2014…until there is True Justice!
Dear President Obama,
It must be time to send you yet another letter because Leonard Peltier has been heavy on my mind. You may not be surprised when I tell you that the racist murder of Michael Brown has made me think even more of Leonard. Yes, you know I can see comparisons in both of their situations when we discuss violations of Constitutional Civil and Human Rights. If Mike Brown were Native American his Treaty Rights would also have been violated! As much as I have advocated for Leonard all these years I know that the Human Rights violations against him differ from Mike Brown in one very important way; Michael Brown has suffered the greatest of Human Rights violations…he was murdered in full sight of non-coerced witnesses and his killer has gone unpunished to date….and then we throw in the Race card.
In America where there is supposed to be “Equality” under the law; we know full well that this has always been a lie! You know I have advocated for Native American Federal Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier (89637-132) for many long years. I’ve said many times over that when one speaks of Human Rights, the case of Leonard Peltier serves as a prime example of Rights denied, acknowledgement of Rights denied, blatant examples of deception, fraud, malfeasance and more by agents of the federal government’s Justice Department and others. This is not fantasy. Proof of Constitutional, Treaty, Civil and Human Rights violations have been verified through the Freedom of Information Act. Yet even with no real proof of guilt and a long list of Rights denied Leonard has been imprisoned since February 6, 1976. If you need a refresher of his case please go to the following website >
Looking at the case of Michael Brown we can see how his Human Rights were violated in very much the same way as Leonard’s. Through the wonders of modern technology we have been made aware of prejudicial and biased lies fed to various mass media outlets through individuals involved within the Justice and Political systems of Missouri. We have seen confidential reports and statements “leaked” to the public and taken out of context. We have seen a purposefully mishandled Grand Jury given out-dated and non-existent unconstitutional law as a frame of reference all of which led to the non-indictment of Police Officer Darren Wilson. This reads like some sort of tabloid story or made-for-TV movie. Yet it has played out right in front of us. Unlike Leonard Peltier’s case (and others who were wrongfully incarcerated before the use of the Internet) it sometimes takes years to see that facts were more lies than truth manipulated as to put the guilt on an innocent individual to take the blame off those who really are guilty. It is an interesting phenomenon that when Police are involved in any sort of criminal activity their Human Rights are always upheld even when they are at fault; Justice certainly is fickle. With Michael Brown his Rights were violated in real time, in the present. The fact that Mike Brown is deceased does NOT alter the fact that his case was mishandled from the very beginning…just like Leonard Peltier’s.
In both Leonard Peltier’s case and Michael Brown’s case it was also found that Agent Provocateurs were used. The use of Agent Provocateurs has been around in various ways and forms forever and during the tenure of J. Edgar Hoover with the FBI, they became quite popular. They don’t give a fig about what they are infiltrating; they are present to keep people divided, to enhance distrust and to wreck havoc within a group of individuals working for whatever cause they have deemed to be of merit. In Leonard’s case the American Indian Movement, of which he was a part of was infiltrated to disrupt actions to help the Traditional Elders and their families at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota during the 1975 “Reign of Terror”. There have also been others through the years whose purpose has been to keep Leonard imprisoned…although they may not have been associated with the FBI. In Mike Brown’s case Agent Provocateurs have been used by Police, Media outlets and others to incite riots and to keep the fear of Black Men alive within the consciousness of the American Public…Justice cannot be served; members of the Populace range from being gullible and believing everything mass media throws at them to being paranoid and seeing conspiracy everywhere. Agent Provocateurs do their jobs well and are still in high demand!
Race, as in skin color also came into play for Leonard Peltier’s case and Michael Brown’s case. Leonard Peltier remains imprisoned in part because he is Native American…inconsequential in the eyes of the law. Supposedly in 1869 General Phillip Sheridan said, “The only good Indian is a dead Indian”…and both before and after this quote the White Man has attempted to live up to these words. Leonard Peltier has had attempted assassinations placed upon him and severe beatings thorough his long incarceration and to the dismay of the FBI and others he has continued to live. He has been made a Scapegoat by those who are cowardly and have abused the Rights of Indians for generations on end. His wrongful imprisonment has supposedly been a reminder to other Native Americans to toe-the-line. Leonard has also been made both a martyr and a hero; an inadvertent consequence of the federal government’s vendetta against him and something they had not anticipated and still don’t understand. Native Americans have been and continue to be discounted. They are STILL here despite attempts of total assimilation and outright genocide. They are STILL here despite the fact that most surveys that speak to inequalities in jobs, income, education, healthcare and more do not mention them. Native Americans are STILL here.
Race played a larger part in Mike Brown’s case. He was a young African American; Black men have been feared since they were first kidnapped from Africa and enslaved in the Americas. It has seemed to be a sport; so many young Black men have been killed by White policemen, or those wannabe police. The rate of a Black Man being killed by the Police is estimated to be one every 28 hours or days…depending on what you read. No matter what the rate is, very sadly it looks as if that rate has now increased in the months since the murder of Michael Brown in August 2014. Imprisonment or Death has been the choice by means of Institutional Racism to keep Black Males in check; a cold fact that’s hard to swallow. BUT, like Native Americans, African Americans are STILL here.
President Obama, you’ve been hearing from me since January 2009, when you first took office. You know I tell it true. Clearly the time is now for you to think outside the box of President and to look at the realities of the deplorable violations of Human Rights within the complexity of Race in America…once you do that put on your Presidential hat again and use your Executive Power to Grant Executive Clemency to Leonard Peltier and begin to seriously address the Murder of Black Men by White Police Officers (or wannabes) whose very impunity supports InJustice! May there one day be Justice for Michael Brown and the long list of Others who have been Murdered. May they Rest in Peace & Grace.
As always I Thank You for your time and consideration. In Peace.
Bonnie F. Walker, RN, BS, LNC

2 thoughts on “Human Rights Violated: Leonard Peltier & Michael Brown

  1. I would like to add that this likely is not just a matter of race but also discrimination. In “white communities” Caucasian officers will single out white people. I am not arguing the fact that race plays a part in all that is going on with our police system. However, it does not stop with race. People with tattoos and piercings, homeless people or marijuana patients. People that drive less attractive vehicles or fast looking vehicles. This is a human rights issue. Leaving it to the governments of the world to solve is not entirely fair. While the government plays a very large part of what we see and consume mentally on a daily basis, its not entirely their responsibility to separate right from wrong within one’s self. This again, truly is a human issue more than a government issue even though our American government plays it’s part.

    • Thank You Daniel. You certainly are right. However Racism has been a part of America from its founding. When the government delegates racism, prejudice, discrimination in law, government, bureaucracy, economics, education, healthcare and more they give the message that it is a normal and accepted practice. It IS a Human Rights issue. The other real truth is most Whites who are being discriminated against can hide or down play that part of their circumstance that others discriminate against them for….Individuals who face discrimination due to their Race/Skin Color don’t have the luxury of shedding their skin for another color…and they shouldn’t have to! PEACE

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