TWITTER STORM: Tell President Obama & the US Senate #NoKXL!

No KXL2Emergency Twitter Storm Sunday 11/16/14 – Tuesday 11/18/14 > Tell President Obama & the US Senate #NoKXL!

This is a CALL-To-ACTION! Last week the US House of Representatives voted in favor of the Canadian Keystone Pipeline coming thru America. The promise of course is “more jobs” and a boon for American Economics. The reality of the situation is that BIG OIL will be reaping the benefits along with some Politicos whose pockets are full of Big Oil Money. The truth of the matter is that the KXL Pipeline, Tar Sands and Fracking have proven to be devastating to communities living in vicinities nearby. Pollution of water and land have caused serious harm to humans, animal and plant life and to the land. This devastation has caused illness and death across the board; the land itself may take decades or more to heal…if it can. The Canadian KXL Pipeline will be going thru a number States in America whose economy is based in farming and agriculture. Dirty Oil going thru States that grow food for America….does NOT seem like something one would  call “Healthy”! The Pipeline will also be going through “Indian Country”; across South Dakota and elsewhere. These areas are not United States property; they belong to the Sovereign Nations; specific Native American Tribes. Treaties between the USA and these Tribes have been in place for generations. In essence the Pipeline going through “Indian Country” without the explicit agreement from the Tribes is an invasion, an Act of War! Is this what America has come to….making WAR within its borders against those who truly are OUR First People? Are we willing to abide by this Genocide? NO!!!!! War, Dirty Fuel, Pollution, Death, Brutality, and Greed do not care about the harm they place on the Environment, the Mother{Earth}, or the People! Take a Stand! PLEASE On Tuesday 11/18/14 the US Senate will vote. PLEASE contact YOUR Senators and say #NoKXL! Contact President Obama and ask him to Veto any actions in favor of the Keystone Pipeline; he can do this through an Executive order!

#‎ClimateAction‬ ALERT!!! Twitter Storm to Block the ‪#‎KXL‬ Pipeline Bill
Sun Nov 16 Noon ET
@kxlblockade ‪#‎IdelNoMore‬

PETITION >> On Tuesday, Senators will be voting to force approval of the #KXL pipeline. Tell your senator NO WAY:

PETITION >> Take action to stop the tar sands pipeline!

PETITION >> Stand in Solidarity – Stop the Tar Sands!

80K ppl taken a “pledge of resistance” to commit civil disobedience if #KXL is approved @350 #DemClimateBetrayal

PLEASE Contact YOUR Senators! Currently the Senate is STILL in the hands of Democrats, but there is no guarantee that they will do a Right Action! This should NOT be bi-partisan, it affects ALL people! Twitter contacts for the Senate are >> @SenateFloor @SenateDems @Senate_GOPs you can also search Twitter under the hashtag #Senate for your particular Senator. On the Internet find your Senator’s contact info >

PLEASE Contact President Obama! >> on Twitter @WhiteHouse @BarackObama By Phone >> Comments: 202-456-1111
By e-mail >> 

From the We Thank YOU! Bonnie Walker and Joan Rodriguez
PS. Don’t forget to ask President Obama to FREE Leonard Peltier an innocent Man always standing up for the Rights of his People and ALL People!

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