Voting; A Civil Right That Still Matters!

update April 19, 2016 > This election year scares me; it’s like watching some kind of demented circus (the film “Killer Clowns from Outer Space” comes to mind ). We are watching wannabe presidential hopefuls openly disrespect the populace and their opponents. We have to put up with too much media that is biased and no longer has any modicum of journalistic integrity. The worst part is seeing that far too many Citizens have been unable to register to vote and others are being turned away from polling places; this is criminal. We can see most clearly in this year’s election process that Democracy in America is failing as those considered “disenfranchised”(which is now most of us) are nothing more than commodities. We-The-People are watching our Constitutional, Civil, & Human Rights erode. How can we trust who the winner of the Presidential Election in November 2016 will  be? ****************************************************************************************************************************
I’ve been thinking of Elections, Politicians and the loss of Humanity within our Country. What appears to matter most is money and the accumulation of “perceived” power. Guns and force mean more than Lives whether here at home or aboard. Victims of violence are demoralized while the perpetrators are cast as those who have been wronged. Objections to mass incarceration are being voiced while more prisons are being built. Injustice within all realms of government from local to federal is more a commonality than a rare error. Voting used to mean something. It was a cherished Civil Right. When a person became of age to vote it was as important as being of age to drive a car or partake in that first alcoholic beverage; a right of passage. For Racial/Ethnic Minorities and Women the right to Vote was forged through blood sweat tears jail and death. Positive Change happened to the Country as a whole when Civil Rights were honored. However Equal Rights have not always sat well with some Americans. As the demographics of America began to change with Racial/Ethnic Minorities and Women gaining opportunities in various avenues such as schooling, employment, and politics the descendants of our “founding fathers” (White Elite Christian Males) grew fearful of losing power/wealth/position. And here we are today….undoing the Civil Rights and Human Rights that so many gave their lives for to make America the Land of Promise for All.

An Election Year Holy Cow
How many gonna keep up with their public vows
An Election year don’t you know
Brings with it so much woe
Lies, Deceit, Pandering and Greed
These are Diseased and Wrongful Seeds
Don’t much matter who gets the Win
Corporate money causing Sin
Voting is a Civil Right
Courts and Politicians have lost Sight
Thru America’s tainted History
The Right to Vote equaled Liberty
Folks have been jailed and died to Vote
Now it’s treated as a Joke
Disenfranchised being turned away
The Rich see them as their prey
Fear and Apathy keep People away from polls
This has taken quite a toll
The needs of the many continue to mount
But Everyday People don’t see they give up their clout
Voting can lead to both Negative and Positive Change
The ones with “Perceived Power” try to keep us Deranged
Nowadays it’s all about someOne’s Special “needs”
This equates to carrying out ill-conceived deeds
It’s all about White Elite Power and the benjamins
The media spouts this trifling rhetoric again and again
Racism, Prejudice and Hate have been leading the fray
This has lead so many to fall astray
Yo! I’m sick and tired of all this Shit
And this ain’t just the half of it!
But for now I’ll try to stay on Track
I got my peeps to watch my back
The real way to “Stand Your Ground”
Is to make sure that our Laws are truly Sound
We shouldn’t bow down to the Politicos
That ain’t the way it’s supposed to go
The ones in “Office” work for the Populace
That just happens to be ALL Of US
Raise YOUR Voice let YOUR Power be Heard
Each Individual has an important Word
Take the time to understand
YOU can speak out to help each Child Woman and Man
Get off your Ass and do what’s Right
Join in to win this important Fight
Look to each of your Daughters and Sons
Make a choice to Stand for who you believe is the right one
Time for me to cut my Chatter
Do what you will for those who Matter
Don’t listen to hype and Conspiracy
Take the step to Keep all of us Free…VOTE!!

Dedicated to all those who cannot Vote because they are imprisoned (some wrongfully) and to those through the years who died in the fight for Voting Rights and Equality under the Law. Also dedicated to Nannie and Marshall Walker my Mom & Dad who gave so much of their time to Civil Rights and were staunch advocates for Voting! I learned from the best!

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