Open Letter to President Obama & Eric Holder; The America You Forget

October 1, 2014….until ?????
Dear President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and Others who may be interested.
I find it interesting that no matter what subject I broach concerning the reality of America, Native American Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier #89637-132 always seems to fit right in. I wish in no way to be impertinent, but I have somethings to address that you may not wish me to bring up and you may think me disrespectful although this is not my intent. I know the two of you are friends as well as colleagues and that you have both sworn to do your best in your given political positions. Our Country is not doing well. Perhaps when you take off the mantle of Public Servants you kick back and express your heartfelt concerns to a few trusted confidants, but in public you speak the propaganda of the day as so designated by policies, public relations, media, and political pressures. I do know that the two of you have indeed done some very important things for our Country and at other times you’ve dropped the ball completely. I am not a social or political analyst. You know me well. If anything I am more a thorn in your sides who rants on and on about InJustices within both our State and Federal Governments as it concerns those in Prison like Leonard Peltier, those who are Racial/Ethnic Minorities, and those who are Disenfranchised. For good measure I throw in rants about Genocide, Wars, and harm to Our home, Mother{Earth}. This is a new rant.
Let me tell you plainly some of what I see that must be fixed if America is to survive. I’m not speaking of terrorist attacks by outside agitators in Iraq or Syria or any other place where the United States has spread its colonial wings and armed other countries hoping for a coup that would be beneficial to the economics or ego of the United States who sees itself as both Police and Savior to the world. I’m talking about the Everyday People — remember us? We are the ones many call disenfranchised due to our social class, lack of (income, housing, employment, education, access to healthcare – even with the Affordable Health Care Act, voting rights, etc), age, disabilities, gender, racial/ethnic background, religious/political/social affiliations, etc… Our Constitutional, Civil, Treaty (where applicable) and Human Rights are dissolving as the Rights for Corporations-as-People are increased. In every aspect of life it is profit over real human needs. Doubt me? Don’t even try to!
1. How is it that a Federal Judge has sanctioned the low-income folks in Detroit, MI who have lost their access to water because they cannot pay the exorbitant rates, but the big businesses that choose not to pay their bills are not so sanctioned? Water is essential for staying Alive; will the next thing to be sanctioned become Air, also essential to maintain Life? I’ll spell it out…corporations are NOT Human Beings and they will NOT die without Water and Air. Simply put this is an action of Slow Genocide for the poor folks in Detroit and once the Powers-that-be see that this can effectively happen in Detroit it will surely happen elsewhere.
2. Mass Incarceration is becoming more massive. Don’t throw statistics at me, I’ve seen them and they mean very little because the playground is changing. Private Prisons-for-profit are taking over facilities that detain immigrants; they already have facilities for youthful offenders and adult offenders, they also hope to take over prison halfway houses, and overseeing probation/parole. Somehow, someway they will keep their facilities open and full. In some States homelessness is now becoming a criminal act so this will insure full-to-capacity prison beds. The federal prisons may lose some inmates due to the supposed scaling down of the “war on drugs”…but they seem to be getting ready to house more Individuals who are involved in Peaceful Protest. State or Federal Joint, it doesn’t matter. Let’s not forget that prisons already house so many of our mentally ill, mentally challenged and addicted individuals. By-the-way access to affordable skilled and competent healthcare does not exist in the majority of prisons…what does exist is negligence and this turns into another form of Slow Genocide; this is TORTURE. Our prisons now are overrun with aging inmates, are prisons going to be the “Nursing Homes” of the future? Once again it’s all about the profit of a few and the suffering of many. I haven’t even mentioned those who are innocent but remain incarcerated because of political favors, fraudulence and more by attorneys, judges, politicians, police, other law enforcement agents, etc who feel the need to keep up their quota. You know too well that Leonard Peltier and too many others are still in prison because of this.
3. Racism in America is alive and flourishing and with it comes an ugliness of entitlement and abuse. Very little has changed because Racism after all is a corner stone of the United States of America. It has seeped into aspects of everyday life in ways not as noticeable to many these days because the times have changed and Racism has always been a chameleon-of-sorts when necessary. As the only Black men to achieve the Office of President and Attorney General respectively within the United States both of you understand Racism. However your outward stance on it has remained low key at best. I fully understand some of this, as media, political allies and opponents all brainwash themselves and the general populace-at-large into believing those who “play the race card” are troublemakers or worse. Let’s cut to the chase > Ferguson MO. The Voting Rights Act. Stand Your Ground Laws. Tar Sands, Fracking, Mining on Native American Land. Border Patrols near Mexico and so much more. Anything and everything to keep a large majority of Blacks, Indians, and Latinos poor, sick, imprisoned and dependent on a system that only turns its back to them. Very few mention that Asians also have problems; I wonder why no one mentions Asians? When we add to this mix the morbid epidemic prejudice of ethnic/religious minorities such as Muslims, the ugliness escalates even more; government helps to fuel this fire. In the mindset that is the United States of America the very idea of Racism/Prejudice/Bigotry has become inbred in so many of our citizens generation after generation. This is one reason why People-of-Color and the Other Disenfranchised have not banded together; everyone dislikes everyone. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr tried to bring all these People together; he was assassinated for his efforts.  It is once again those with perceived wealth and power who manipulate the playing field to ensure that discord continues. A scheming well put together plan to incite individuals and groups to turn on each other with the help of militarized police and laws that are befouled; it’s a win-win plan; either the prison population will grow or the cemeteries will grow and through all of this so too will the pockets of some politicians, corporate bigwigs and others! What a sad Legacy America holds onto.
If you are being really honest with yourselves you know our Political System, our Governments (federal, state and local), and our Elections are no longer truly Democratic (the political ideology not the political party). If we decreased the war budget to say one-third and put that money back into America we’d see our Country begin to recover. It is very sad that those with perceived power and actual wealth care more about making War than making Peace. Because of this not only will America continue to falter so too will other countries who we’ve decided to “Help”. I don’t doubt that the United States has enemies abroad. But they are  similar to the enemies we have within that some choose to keep a blind eye to; those with obscene amounts of wealth, extremist views, and delusions of Godhood that believe they can buy a Congress, a Country, and a [chosen] populace while enslaving others. I think of our War Veterans; the loss of their lives, health and mental stability…I have professionally worked with many and I know of their emotional and psychic trauma. Very sadly in America WE-The-People no longer exist. It is now WE-The-Throwaway-Commodities.
For Both of You, President Obama and Attorney General Holder all of this has fallen upon your shoulders; it is an unbearable burden. Your Blackness has shaken the foundation of the United States which has built itself up through Institutional Racism and InJustice to those without power (anyone who was not a part of the “elite”). In my personal estimation this has been a very good thing; the foundation was corrupted from the start. However the wealthy power structure does not agree. Everything that can be done to “repair” the now damaged foundation is being done. We see this through unequal laws that give corporations more “Human Rights” than actual people. We see this through unequal taxation where the poorest among us pay the most while the wealthiest have their tax loopholes. We see this through the continued wrongful incarceration of Leonard Peltier and the FBI’s determination to keep him imprisoned even though his guilt has never been substantiated. We see this through the killing of young unarmed Black men by militarized police; Michael Brown’s body lay in the street as if to say — you all are Worthless and this is a sign of your own fate.
There are enumerable ways to help heal this Country, which would of course help to heal other Countries as well. You know some of them; you both have been working for some of them, but then too you have also been a part those things that are tearing our country down. It is an uphill battle to fight the enemy within. Perhaps one of the best things you can do is to begin to acknowledge the disenfranchised of this country; we will soon out number the middle class, if we haven’t already—WE ARE THIS COUNTRY! I am aware that You two alone cannot do the following—— Cut the military budget, stop demilitarizing police…use that revenue to ensure that EveryONE within our borders has access to Life (Food/Water/Housing/Employment and fair wages/Compassionate Healthcare/Working for Peace), Liberty (Equality under the Law/Due Process and Real Justice/Working for Peace), and the Pursuit of Happiness (Access to Unbiased Education/Freedom to Love and be/Living without the Propaganda of Fear/ Working for Peace)——BUT the two of You CAN Stand with the People, not just in meaningless rhetoric, but in abiding RESPECT and DIGNITY.
In Closing, EACH Individual HUMAN BEING within our borders is allowed their Constitutional, Civil, Treaty (where applicable), and Human Rights as so designated by the United States Constitution, the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, and the Geneva Convention.
As always with Respect I Thank You for your time and considerations.
In Peace.
Bonnie F. Walker, RN, BS, LNC
P.S. One way to show actual Solidarity with the People is to Grant Executive Clemency to Federal Prisoners Leonard Peltier and Oscar Lopez Rivera. Then urge Governor Corbett of Pennsylvania to Grant Executive Clemency to Mumia Abu Jamal and Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana to Grant Executive Clemency to Albert Woodfox! And you know these are but a very few. You all should get together with the Governors of each State to FREE ALL Political Prisoners and those Wrongly Incarcerated or given prolonged sentences because of their Racial/Ethnic/Religious/Political affiliations! And remember not everyone in prison is guilty and not everyone is there due to drugs. Thank You. Peace.
Courtesy of Nanette Long

Courtesy of Nanette Long

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