Monthly TWITTER STORM & Virtual ACTION Event for Leonard Peltier!

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photo created by Nanette Long

Update 1/5/17: January 6th marks the last of our Monthly TWITTER STORM & Virtual ACTION Event for Leonard Peltier!. This event will run until the morning of January 20th when President Obama leaves office. This event was created by Joan Rodriguez-R.I.P. & Myself on September 30th, 2014 with the express purpose to push President Obama to grant Executive Clemency to Leonard. On January 20th I will have fulfilled my promise to Leonard, Joanie, & Others. Until January 20th, I remain HopeFULL. I urge ALL Supporters of Leonard’s to keep a POSITIVE mind-set over these next 2 weeks and do what you can. The White House comment line is closed, however you can still e-mail, send a letter, send a message on specific pages on Facebook and of course Tweet! (contact info is listed within this blog post).  Again, from my I Thank You ALL!

Update 12/1/16: This is the last December that President Obama will hold office. As I write this, he has 49 more days in Office. This is also our last “event” for 2016. Please consider extending whatever actions you take on December 6th to include other December days as well. Of importance is 2016 Human Rights Week: Indigenous Rights and Clemency for Leonard Peltier; December 4 – 10, 2016, Washington, DC. Please find info here >> Back in 2008 I personally promised Leonard that I would do as much as I could during President Obama’s tenure as President to push for his Clemency….Social Networks have helped me to achieve this; I have 49 days left…WE have 49 days left! (If necessary there will be one last event on January 6th, 2017). From my ♥ I THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR CONTINUED ACTION & SUPPORT! 

UPDATE 11/4/16: During our November event as you tweet, e-mail, send letters/faxes, make calls for Leonard….PLEASE also do the same for #NoDAPL. Our friends & relations at #StandingRock who are Peacefully Protesting and Protecting are being brutalized by Police/Militia/ Private Security from North Dakota and elsewhere. President Obama says his administration is looking at an alternative route for the Dakota Access Pipeline while preserving Native American Sacred Sites, we say this is NOT enough! Right NOW, the People continue to be attacked and their Civil, Human, Constitutional/Legal, Treaty Rights are being violated. President Obama has NOT addressed this. From my ♥ I Thank YOU! 

UPDATE 10/20/16: Since our November monthly event falls on a Sunday, Supporters will not be able to call the White House Comment Line. PLEASE make your calls on Monday the 7th. Please be aware that the phone lines may be busy and over-loaded due to the next day’s Presidential Election. Leonard has always been a staunch advocate for Voting, especially for his own people, Native Americans…but also for Others who are disenfranchised. Whoever you choose to Vote for is your own business, your own choice, PLEASE don’t throw your vote away by doing nothing! Leonard has not voted for 40+ years. Individuals convicted of a felony are ineligible to vote while incarcerated, on parole, or on probation. Voting rights may be restored depending on individual State laws where an individual resides after their release from prison and after the completion of all supervised release. Ex-offenders should re-register to vote if allowed. Know this, for 40 years (4 decades) Leonard Peltier has had his Civil, Human, Constitutional/Legal, Treaty Rights violated by the United States Government. *referenced by the United States Constitution, the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment and the Geneva Convention…. BFW. Thank YOU for ALL that You’re doing for Leonard! My  to Yours. 

UPDATE 9/30/16: We have October- November-December and our last event will be January 6th 2017. This time is crucial! I will NOT predict who our next President will be, but I will say that up until NOW it does NOT appear as though either of the 2 front-runner candidates would grant Clemency to Leonard so this means as Leonard has said repeatedly President Obama IS his Last Hope! We stand firm with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and their Allies against the Dakota Access Pipeline and its desecration of Mother{Earth}. We abhor and call an end to the continued unjust violence and slow genocide put upon Native Americans by corporate greed and dysfunctional governmental agencies in both Federal and within [all] States. Please put aside your prejudices and think instead of the future…not just of America’s or your specific Country’s, but the future of ALL of OUR children and Mother{Earth} Herself! THANK YOU ❤ 

Update 8/27/16: PLEASE NOTE Our September Twitter Storm & Virtual Action Event will run from from September 6th thru September 12th! Leonard‘s 72nd Birthday is September 12th. Each year we all pray that Leonard will be FREE by his next Birthday! THIS year is vitally important; it’s the last Birthday that Leonard will have during President Obama’s presidency. Want to give Leonard the BEST Birthday ever? Join Us & Others who work for Leonard‘s FREEDOM! For current info about Leonard‘s Case, Action Alerts and upcoming Birthday Events please go to his website: How about sending Leonard a Birthday card telling him how you’re working for his FREEDOM? His address: Leonard Peltier #89637-132 / USP Coleman 1 / P.O. Box 1033 / Coleman, FL 33521 . Please realize, whatever your political leanings are…they are irrelevant when it comes to Leonard‘s FREEDOM…until January 20th, 2017, the ONLY person who can see to it that Leonard is granted Clemency is President Barack Obama! Thank You so much! 

Update 7/1/16: Know this, until January 6th, 2017 this monthly event continues. Every Voice counts in the quest for JUSTICE & FREEDOM! Thank You. 

Update 6/20/16: June 26th marks the 41st anniversary of the Reign of Terror “Incident at Oglala”on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, perpetrated in part by the FBI which resulted in the death of 2 FBI agents and 1 Native American Man. Leonard was wrongly imprisoned and convicted for the deaths of the FBI agents (the death of the Native American Man was never investigated. Please see article from June 2015: 40th Anniversary of Persistent Injustice; Pine Ridge, Native America, Leonard Peltier The 26th falls on a Sunday…calls to the White House can’t be made until the 27th….BUT you can still tweet, e-mail, or write a letter. if you fax in your letters, waiting until the 27th would probably be best. If you tweet please use the hashtag #LeonardPeltierDay.  

Update 3/30/16: No matter what the day, just do the  work; whatEVER you can do is greatly appreciated. Call, write (letters, faxes, e-mails), tweet…it ALL counts! Thank You ♥

Update 2/29/16: NEXT MONTHLY EVENT IS SUNDAY MARCH 6, 2016. (Twitter & E-mails and/or Letters) Phone calls may resume on Monday, March 7th (White House comment line not available on weekends).
Update 2/15/16: PLEASE JOIN US MONDAY FEBRUARY 22nd for a SPECIAL EVENT! My Beloved Friend/Sister Joan Rodriquez-@Joanie399 (R.I.P.) moved onto Spirit World one year ago. WE started this particular monthly event for #LeonardPeltier together in 2014. I can’t think of a better way to honor Joanie’s life & memory than by having a BIG Virtual Blowout Event for her…and You know Leonard’s FREEDOM was on the top of Joanie’s Bucket List!!   (I miss you so much Joanie!!)

February 6, 2016 marks the 40th Anniversary of Leonard’s ILLEGAL & WRONG-FULL INCARCERATION! — 40 YEARS!! Help us undo this grave InJustice!!!

Mark Your Calendars…on the 6th of every month we are having an ACTION Day for Native American Federal Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier (we may also include other days depending on circumstances and needs)!

We present this on Social Networks as a way to inform Supporters that we are asking YOU to become involved. This ACTION event includes a Twitter Storm, Phone Zap, E-mailing, and Letter Writing; chose to do one or all, or whatever YOU can do. Certainly we encourage each of Leonard’s Supporters to take some ACTION as often as they can. But we also realize that life can be busy and besides Leonard’s need for FREEDOM, America has many other pressing needs that many individuals/organizations/groups/causes/ find themselves involved in. Ultimately it is doing what YOU can whenever YOU can. Our prime target in our ACTION focus is President Barack Obama as he is the ONLY one who can grant Executive Clemency to Federal Prisoners so designated by the United States Constitution. There are many ways to contact the White House. We KNOW that President Obama and his staff do read his e-mails and letters. We KNOW that phone calls and tweets are counted and categorized (i.e. >> so many phone calls/tweets received for Leonard, so many phone calls/tweets received for taxes, climate change, etc). Supporters sometime feel annoyed that they have not gotten feedback from President Obama; with the astronomical amount of communications the White House receives no doubt it is hard to reply to everyone. All we can say is that we KNOW that the White House and President Obama are aware of Leonard Peltier! YOU do NOT have to be a fan of our current President or be a fan of Politics in this Country, but this is what we have to work with. PLEASE acknowledge that Leonard’s FREEDOM depends on President Obama until January 2017. His last FULL day in Office is January 19, 2017; Inauguration Day is January 20th. Leonard has stated numerous times in his public statements that President Obama may be his last chance for FREEDOM…. and he may indeed be right!

President of the United States of America — Make reference to Leonard Peltier #89637-132 (Ask for Executive Clemency) The White House; President Barack Obama 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 Please include your e-mail address Comments: 202-456-1111 Switchboard: 202-456-1414 FAX: 202-456-2461 (Phone lines are open Monday thru Friday 9 am to 5 pm Eastern time). Contact Website: Submit Questions & Comments: (fill in the form). Twitter: (@WhiteHouse), (@POTUS) and (@BarackObama). President Obama now has a Facebook page, you may leave a comment about Leonard here: or leave a message here using Facebook Messenger (click message tab) E-Mail: 

This website is useful for tweeting to President Obama and others regarding Clemency for Leonard. It is non-automated and accepted by Twitter. > When tweeting please use the hashtag #LeonardPeltier, it has been around for a number of years and has proven to be the most effective. 

There are also other key individuals/agencies/organizations who may be influential in supporting Leonard and urging President Obama to take ACTION. For a list of these others to contact please go to > Helping #LeonardPeltier; Handy Contact Guide 2016 (updated May 24, 2016) >> /

For those who are unaware of who Leonard Peltier is or would like accurate up-to-date information please go to this website; Friends of Peltier have been in good-standing with Leonard since 2007 >

On May 1st, 2015 the New website for Leonard Peltier made it’s debut: International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee > This is a project of the Indigenous Rights Center, LLC (a long-standing dream of Leonard‘s was to have a Human Rights/Indigenous Rights Organization which works for the People. Thanks to the dedication and skills of family/friends/long-time supporters this dream is now becoming a reality)! >

Leonard has many Supporters from across the globe who have been working on his behalf for close to 4 decades. For those of YOU who don’t know us, we are long-time Action-oriented Supporters of Leonard’s. We do not currently speak for him (unless he asks us directly to do so). We’ve individually pledged our Support to Leonard personally to fight for his FREEDOM as best we can! We Thank YOU so much for all that YOU are doing for Leonard. We work in Good Faith and Solidarity with Others who are also of Good Faith and Solidarity.

In and with the Spirit of Crazy Horse. Bonnie Walker, Joan Rodriguez* (R.I. P.)

*On February 22, 2015 Joanie moved on to Spirit World unexpectedly. Leonard‘s FREEDOM was on her “Bucket List” and was a priority for her. She worked tirelessly for the past 13 years or so towards helping to make his FREEDOM a reality! I’ve chosen to keep Joanie’s name on this event as this (and others) were created by the both of us; we’ve worked together for the past few years for Leonard and other Social Network Activism projects. I truly believe that wherever my dear friend now abides in the Heavens she continues to do all she can for Leonard and Others.   Thank You Joanie, I miss you and am forever grateful for the time we walked our Earthly paths together. ♥ 

**Any disrespectful comments will not be tolerated.

8 thoughts on “Monthly TWITTER STORM & Virtual ACTION Event for Leonard Peltier!

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  4. In support of Leonard Peltier … All of us have done many things to try to obtain freedom for Leonard Peltier. One more thing we can do is this … like the pages that are presences of President Obama on Facebook, and with every post that comes to your feed from these groups, make the simple statement “President Obama, please grant clemency to Leonard Peltier.”

    I’ve been doing this for months now, and I hope you will also join in.

    The pages to like are: and

    Between them, they make several posts a day. If we respond to these posts with our polite request, this is yet another way to let the president know that there are many of us who feel that justice would be served by granting Leonard clemency. Thank you all. Please feel free to share this post.

    • Thank You for your reply. Links to President Obama’s @POTUS Page and The White House Page which now allows you to leave a message to President Obama via Facebook Messenger are included within this blog post. The Barack Obama Facebook page is overseen by what was his campaign and now is called “Organizing for Action”. Perhaps when he leaves office he’ll be active on this page. I have a Facebook monthly event related to this blog post which gets re-created every month. I made a promise to Leonard to keep this going throughout President Obama’s presidency. If your primary source for info about Leonard is Facebook, you may wish to keep updated thru Leonard’s committee’s page >> Thank You for all you are doing on Leonard’s behalf.

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