courtesy of Nanette Long

courtesy of Nanette Long


Dear President Obama,

During this month Native American Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier (89637-132) turns 70 years old (September 12th); he has spent over half of his life imprisoned for a crime he is innocent of. I am both impressed and amazed that Leonard is still alive! His health has been deteriorating for many years and it worsens daily; it is truly through the Grace of Great Spirit that he has survived the medical negligence and brutality afforded him these past 38 years of wrongful incarceration. I’m of the mind that one should celebrate the day of his/her Birth all month long (remember my May Birthday Wish Letter that I sent you repeatedly to Free Leonard > So as a gift to Leonard for making it to age 70 under torturous conditions I am sending you this “GIVE LEONARD PELTIER THE GIFT OF EXECUTIVE CLEMENCY FOR HIS 70TH BIRTHDAY!” letter a number of times throughout this month via letter form, e-mail and a link from my blog via Twitter. Needless to say you have received countless letters, e-mails, phone calls and tweets from me since you first took office in 2009. One of my letters dated November 1, 2012 was also sent to a few other individuals including Attorney General Eric Holder and I received word in a letter written to me on February 11, 2013 from the Pardon Attorney’s Office within the Justice Department that this letter has been placed as a permanent part of Leonard’s “Clemency file”. (I enclose a copy of that letter in my first sending of this current letter to you via USPS). I bring this up here to let you know that my plea for Leonard’s FREEDOM has been acknowledged by the United States Justice Department. I would hope after all this time that you too acknowledge that I am and have been earnest in my requests….as have requests from all of Leonard’s Supporters.

Most recently I reviewed the chronology of events in Leonard’s case. You are now the 7th President to allow this Injustice against him to continue. I’ve written about it on my blog-in-progress and have been tweeting it to you, but you can also see it here > As amazed that I am that Leonard is still alive, I am even more amazed that our government went through such lengths of deception, fraud, and malfeasance to cover up their own wrongful acts and use him as a Scapegoat. If I may, I’d like to speak to one other amazement —— the number of human rights and other organizations, dignitaries, politicos, celebrities, activists, and everyday people such as myself from every conceivable walk of life who have stood up for Leonard during these almost 4 decades is pretty astounding —— and even more astounding is the fact that we have all been ignored by you and your 6 predecessors…for 38 years!

I would like for a moment to speak about Executive Clemency. If you look at the facts of Leonard’s case it is more than obvious that he is indeed innocent of the crimes he was tried for. I seriously can’t wrap my mind around the fact that an innocent person wrongfully imprisoned must write a petition to be granted clemency to be let out of prison…if indeed his/her petition is ever acknowledged or considered. After all there is no guarantee that a petition for clemency will be acknowledged…look how many clemency petitions from federal inmates you and presidents before you have ignored thus far; thousands upon thousands and more! Let’s be honest, there are far too many innocent individuals in America’s State and Federal Prisons doing time and no one within the Justice Departments or Penal Systems really care because Prison is Big Business in the USA and our Justice System is terribly flawed. To put this in perspective, Leonard wrote a Petition for Clemency in 1993 when George Bush Sr was president and it was formally denied the day before you took office in 2009 by then president George W. Bush. What really needs to be done for innocent people wrongly incarcerated is that the President write an Executive Order for their releases. I think this is a very good idea and a very good plan and I think YOU should begin to initiate this practice; you can start with writing an Executive Order to immediately release Leonard Peltier from prison! You may of course call it Executive Clemency if you so wish.

Please President Obama with all the horrific violations of Human Rights both here in America and around the world that we have seen recently, there is no denying that America does NOT practice Equality and Justice when it comes to our own citizens and others if they are racial/ethnic minorities or the disenfranchised. You can so very easily take a huge step towards making a profound Pro Human Rights gesture and Grant Executive Clemency or write an Executive Order to release Leonard Peltier from his wrongful incarceration as a Happy 70th Birthday Gift! It certainly sounds good to me!

In closing… “For almost 4 decades, Leonard Peltier has been *tortured by The United States Government and its agencies. *referenced by the United States Constitution, the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment and the Geneva Convention”. (BFW)

As always with Respect I Thank You for your time and considerations. In Peace.

Bonnie F. Walker, RN, BS, LNC


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