Make my Dream to FREE Leonard Peltier a Reality!


In the Spring of 2013 I had a dream about Native American Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier. I’ve worked for his FREEDOM for many long years now, so having a dream about him was not surprising. Some of my friends and family know that every once in awhile I have a dream about Leonard, so they aren’t too surprised either when I share the experience with them. My dream of April 6th 2013 was very short and fleeting, but very Powerful! I’ve tried to follow thru personally with the message of the dream.

 The Dream:

I had a GINORMOUS (gigantic + enormous) HUGE computer screen in my home and on this screen were millions upon billions of messages being sent all at once as tweets, e-mails, photos, letters, petitions, blogs, etc. The whole Internet was ablaze with different colors, sizes, fonts, images and all of them were directed at President Obama and said, “PRESIDENT OBAMA FREE LEONARD PELTIER NOW!!” (Tweet @WhiteHouse @BarackObama)

I Love this dream…a good Omen for sure and something WE can ALL do!! Leonard will be 70 years old on September 12, 2014, Please help to Make my Dream a REALITY!  38 years in Prison is TORTURE! Help to FILL THE INTERNET WITH MESSAGES DIRECTED TO President Obama to GRANT EXECUTIVE CLEMENCY TO Leonard! Whatever you can do is significant and so important; it adds to the Momentum of POSITIVE ENERGY for Freedom for Leonard!! Please become a Part…Working for Justice for ONE becomes working for Justice for ALL!! Thank you so very much!!

My Heart to Yours. In PEACE, LOVE & RESPECT (and In & With The Spirit of Crazy Horse)! Bonnie Walker



8 thoughts on “Make my Dream to FREE Leonard Peltier a Reality!

  1. This is a very beautiful dream .. !!
    I join will in your thoughts order to claim freedom of Leonard Peltier ..
    Right now.

  2. Every time I get sent anything from Obama, I always include a request that he do this, if not now then before he leaves office but now is necessary. And thank you Bonnie for posting all of this and the links to all the petitions, Obama, Leonard, the fundraisers etc. I truly believe that we will make Leonards freedom a reality !

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