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This September Leonard Peltier celebrates his 70th Birthday! His actual birthdate is September 12, 1944. We think 70 is an awesome birthday to celebrate so we’re going to CELEBRATE Leonard ALL Month long and we’d Love to have you join us! This is an action-oriented virtual global event from whatever device you use to access the Internet. Our Birthday wish for Leonard is “FREEDOM”! There is ONLY one person in the World who can release Leonard from his unlawful imprisonment. That individual so designated by the United States Constitution is the current sitting President of the United States. Until January 2017, that individual is President Barack Obama! It is up to those of us who care about and support Leonard to focus our Positive Energies to President Obama and [respectfully] demand that he grant Executive Clemency to Leonard! You do not have to like our current president or his politics, but there is no getting around it that he holds the KEY to Leonard’s FREEDOM! We encourage ALL supporters to contact the White House directly thru phone calls, e-mails, faxes, written letters and Twitter.

The White House; President Barack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Please include your e-mail address
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461
Contact Website:
Submit Questions & Comments: (fill in the form).
Twitter: (@WhiteHouse) and (@BarackObama)

For those unaware of who Leonard Peltier is, there is a lot of information about him on the Internet but sadly some of the information is misleading. Very briefly, Leonard is a Federal Political Prisoner; he has been imprisoned for 38 years. He was arrested in Canada on February 6, 1976 for the killing of 2 FBI agents during the “Reign of Terror” on the Pine Ridge Reservation in Oglala, South Dakota on June 26, 1975. He was extradited to the USA on December 16, 1976. Leonard’s time in Canadian prison counts as being “in Prison”. Both his arrest and extradition were based on falsified evidence from the FBI during the Presidency of Gerald Ford. Leonard’s case is complicated. The amount of Constitutional, Civil, and Human Rights violations that he has endured during his almost 4 decades of wrongful incarceration are astounding. For a complete chronology of Leonard’s case (and some life events) go to this website > KOLA has long been a champion for Leonard’s Freedom and Indigenous Rights throughout the World. Leonard has always appreciated their support. You will also find accurate information including printable documents and brochures at this website > Friends of Peltier was established in 2007, with Leonard’s blessings. Both KOLA and Friends of Peltier are independent organizations in Good Standing. Thru these past 38 years Leonard has had numerous individuals, organizations and committees work for him and his FREEDOM; his current committee can be found at this website >

Thank YOU All so very much for your Support. We are here in Good Faith and Respect for All!

In and With the Spirit of Crazy Horse. Bonnie Walker and Joan Rodriguez

(any negative or disrespectful comments about anyone will be removed).

14 thoughts on “September 1-30, 2014: VIRTUAL ACTION EVENT 4 LEONARD PELTIER’S 70th BIRTHDAY

      • Thankz Bonnie but i deserve mo thankz 4 i do what i do 4 the love of the people and it iz iz my duty to kontinue the work of my ancestorz and all people of colour.
        I am training my 6 yr old grand daughter and let me tell u lil momma runz the neighborhood already she makes sure that all the kidz have eaten and feedz those that have not, and fightz 4 those that are afraid. She iz a revolutionary in training and will be be like her pa pa she tellz everybody. Panther Love

  1. I know, it is your calling and that you continue to follow what your Soul leads you to do….and I still say Thank YOU. I’m sure your little one is and will be a force of Greatness throughout her life…walking the path of her pa pa!! Beautiful!! LOVE & RESPECT

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