Slow Genocide & The Human Condition

MLK-genocidePhoto Courtesy of Reamus Wilson

Very simply put a common definition of Genocide is “the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group”. However there is nothing simple about Genocide, it is planned, and it is not accomplished in one fell swoop; it most often continues from generation to generation. It is born out of ignorance, hatred, and entitlement. Most people acknowledge that Adolf Hitler committed Genocide on Jewish persons during World War II; they were his prime target, although persons from other groups were also targeted — Gypsies and Homosexuals were 2 of his other targets. The Holocaust stands out as one of the most brutal of Genocides. It stands out because the murder of over 6 million individuals occurred in a relatively short period of time, not the usual generations upon generations. There is no doubt that this was a horrific act of the utmost magnitude. All acts of Genocide are horrific but they are not always looked upon as actual Genocides because they have been going on for so long, they seem almost commonplace; this is a sad statement of the Human Condition.

In many Countries Genocide has been interwoven within their histories and it continues today. It has been and is a Slow Genocide in part due to procreation and also due to a cunning and covert system of systematic extermination which does not always include quick mass murders. Those who plan Genocides indoctrinate others to follow and continue on for as long as it takes…. ignorance, hatred, and entitlement are deeply rooted. As the times change, so too must the plans, but somehow the ignorance, hatred, and entitlement is never abated. In the United States of America Genocide was built into our very foundation. Colonialism is one of the biggest tools of Genocide; take the land of those who were here before you and let the Indigenous People die. Native Americans have been victims of Slow Genocide since Columbus first came to the Americas. From waged wars, smallpox and other infections, poverty, enforced enculturation and occupancy on reservations (concentration/prison camps), prison, sterilization, removal of Children, treaty violations and more — eradicating Native Americans has been an intrinsic part of American history.

Since the first African was removed from his/her home continent and brought over to America in chains, African Americans have also been victims of Slow Genocide. Slavery in all its ugliness did not truly end when the Civil War did; it was reconstructed; 40 acres and a mule was a promised undelivered. Unequal under the law and being considered 3/5 of a person has played out in very demeaning ways. The Civil Rights movement was indeed a salve for a time, but systemic racism is rooted so deeply in America that new ways…perhaps less obvious, needed to be put into play. Keeping the downtrodden drugged with a drug war and then mass incarceration produced a Slow Genocide while also filling the quota of new slave labor. Those who are not incarcerated face the fear of being murdered by Police if the quotas for arrests have not been made. Enslavement and Murder of African Americans, especially Black Men has always been a popular sport in America.

What is an “illegal” immigrant? In war and poverty stricken countries refugees escape for survival to more affluent countries; in their angst they cannot wait for “proper papers”. The United States seems to focus on Individuals who originated in Central or South America. Private prisons are now jam-packed with “illegal” Latinos. Very sadly some of these so-called “illegals” are in actuality citizens of the United States; but Brown skin is Brown skin and in this Slow Genocide of Latino-Americans anything that will reduce their numbers or imprison them is fair game. It is worthy to note that “illegal” immigrants from Canada, Europe and elsewhere rarely come under the radar of the US Immigration Dept…unless they are People-of-Color.

The United States was founded by those who fled from Prosecution and Injustice…and then these very same people did to others what was done to them. We’ve always seemed to flourish when there was some real or perceived enemy to fight or to rally against. As the Industrial Age took over parts of the world and it became easier to wage war in other countries America began finding enemies abroad. Any Communist Country became an enemy during the “cold war” that started in the 1950s…and that hatred still continues. However it is those who practice the religion of Islam who have become our latest enemies. With the 9/11 attacks in 2001 all Muslims whether citizens of the United States or not have all been labeled “terrorists” or possible “enemies of the State” by many non-Muslim Americans. In this Slow Genocide we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq (and would like to do so again), we really want to invade Iran, and we continue to support the Israeli Genocide in Palestine that has been in place since the founding of Israel in 1948.

It seems that ignorance, hatred, and entitlement have become even more virulent in the computer age. The Internet is an amazing tool to spread not only information but also hatred. Ignorance is not necessarily decreased as those who have a predication to hate do not choose to be educated or enlightened to Love. Not only are People-of-color be they Red, Black, Brown, Yellow, or Purple with Pink Polka dots becoming more of a target for Slow Genocide, so too now are other groups who are considered minorities or disenfranchised. As Corporations-as-People and Politicos wield their power and their sense of entitlement indeed the whole world is now at their mercy. One wonders when these “entitled ones” have all the land, the water, the non-GMO foods, the oil and the precious minerals…what will they do and what will they want after they have killed off the rest of the Human Race?

The world as we know it and as it has been can be undone with willingness and [some] effort. Ignorance, hatred, and entitlement are learned behaviors passed on through the ages; they can be unlearned. It starts with each Individual, then each Family, Community and finally each Country to Recognize and Respect the Diversity and the intrinsic Human Rights of ALL Others.

Although this writing speaks in part to the Slow Genocide in America, it should go without saying that Slow Genocide is happening in numerous Countries throughout the World; it is pandemic. Thank You. With Respect and in Peace, Equality, and Justice for ALL.

Please watch this video (from 2012) for an uncensored discussion of the long-standing Palestinian Genocide by the State of Israel and funded heavily by the United States of America (courtesy of Joan Rodriguez) >>



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