I Share the Blood

wings of Love

(from 2011)

I share the Blood with my relations…ancestral, chosen, different, linked…

The blood of all Life bleeds red; carries nutrients and love to each cell, it is not for a few or the chosen, it is for all who are now alive or have been…

I share the Air with my relations…winged, finned, limbed, slithering, blossoming….

Without the air and love we breathe; inhaling and exhaling, there is no Life….

I share the Waters with my relations…..

Bathed in the love, drinking in the nectar of the fluid of Life….

I share the Mother{Earth} with my relations for without Her none of us (in whatever form we take) would be alive….

Our sisters and brothers in both animal and plant form share their love and lives with us so we might live and we in turn share with them….

I share the Love with my relations touching the Soul/Spirit of all who so kindly share with me….

My gratitude is without measure or bounds.

LOVE; 9/17/11 BFW

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