The Paradigm of Flawed Corporate Mentality


This is an Open Letter to President Obama & All Who Should Be Concerned (would-be and actual Politicians, Lobbyists, Corporate big-wigs, the 1%, the 99%, Legal Professionals, Veterans, Political and other Prisoners, Activists, Women, Immigrants, People-of-Color, Native Americans, AnyONE with a “Minority Status” and EveryONE else no matter who…or what you are)!

There are individuals who believe in conspiracy and see it behind every closed door, or drawn drape. They read it between each line and actually re-write the lines to meet with their own theories. There are individuals who believe everything they view or hear within the broad spectrum of mass media has got to be the truth; even when that truth is inconsistent or questionable. They swing easily on the pendulum of truth and find ways to make the “truths” they like best work for them. There are people who hold one point-of-view from the first breath they take until the last. They turn both a blind eye and deaf ear toward AnyTHING or AnyONE who disputes them. And then…there are the rest of us who occasionally fall into the aforementioned categories and may also fall into others as well. In the world of Cyberspace and Technology it is getting harder each day to figure out the parameters and the nuances of what informs our Reality.

To say that there is discord throughout most Countries of the world does not seem to be an exaggeration. Certainly every problem is not being reported to the general populace and some problems that are reported are most definitely blown out of proportion or purposely downplayed or ignored —— that’s how propaganda works and each Country has their own rules about the positive or negative propaganda that they dispense within their borders. Since the onset of the “computer age” propaganda does not however stay within the borders of any given Country; it is now spread throughout the world. Fear has become the conduit to spread propaganda and to also keep the general populace in line and under control. Crimes against Humanity, Animals, and the Environment are blasted across the Internet and dissected on blogs and Social Networks. Advice on every aspect of living, seemingly for the betterment of all is interwoven among the projected horrors. Against this background each Individual attempts to eke out his or her own understanding of what the hell is going on in the world in which we live.

What does however appear to be the norm throughout the world is that Corporate Mentality also known as “big business” mentality is doing its best to overrun the lives of everyday people. Based primarily in the accumulation of self-promoting wealth with perceived power, the wants of a few override the needs of the many. To that end by any means necessary each living being therefore becomes a commodity and their worth is expendable. Since the planet we live upon is also a living being, Mother{Earth} in the eyes of some falls into that category of being expendable. Governments, Organizations, Groups, and even Individuals who believe that their wants or desires outweigh the needs of all others have lost their very souls. Money, perceived Power, or the hoarding of goods/commodities at the end of the day will be the ruination of [at the very least] Humanity.

A non-inclusive List of the Ways Corporate Mentality has disregard for lives

• Fracking, oil drilling and mining; dependency on crude oil and other minerals for Energy depletes Mother{Earth} of vital nutrients making it difficult or impossible to sustain life.

• Pollution of air, water and land; harms and kills many life forms to the point of extinction (for those life forms that are endangered). This changes the ecosystem causing imbalance or lack of homeostasis thus harming and killing even more life forms thus making all life endangered.

• Hoarding food and water; harms and kills life forms for the profit of a few. This is a form of manipulated extinction and genocide.

• Wars; expends and harms humans, other life forms and the environment over ideological/religious constructs in which there are no winners. War is a sick game maintained by the ignorance of generations.

• Mass Incarceration regardless of guilt and aimed primarily at racial/ethnic minorities (along with youth, elderly, the impoverished, those with mental illness or mental incapacitation and others); used for political and economic gain without compassion weakens not only the so-called Justice System but also the morality of all who are involved.

• Denying Human Rights, Due Process of Law, Medical/Healthcare to specific groups of people or Individuals; this is torture in one of its simplest forms.

• Ineffective Government; a government whose primary purpose has been to govern by means of democratic process in order to maintain a fair and unbiased partnership with the people who established it and loses sight of its very purpose becomes a liability and a weapon of destruction.

The bottom line; Corporate Mentality is leading to the downfall of the Political and Economic structures in many countries and as we are interconnected when one country falls, the rest of us as in the domino effect will also fall. Despite whatever ill-conceived laws in whatever country there may be, NO Corporate Mentality (as an Individual, Group or Organization) has the right to own another living being for said or unsaid profit or to elevate self-worth. Once those who substantiate their own lust for greed and perceived power have raped the land and exterminated those who are deemed unworthy these very same will find that they are alone in every way imaginable…their self-destruction will then be forth-coming.

It’s time to get Real > prejudice, bigotry, racism, ignorance and denial are not tools for this modern World in which we are living. Truly we must come together in Good Faith if We-as-an-integrated-part-of-the-whole hope to survive and give our children a better World! Humanity has been the cause for the sickness that plagues our World; it is for us to bring about Healing Change for the benefit ALL! Thank You. In Peace.

Bonnie F. Walker, RN, BS, LNC

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