I Wish I Was…A Poem Dedicated to ALL Who Have Been Met By InJustice!


Written 2 years ago; I do not take my commitment to those I Love who are in need of Justice lightly no matter what where why how when or who they are! WOZA-Rise Up!

I wish I was a winged one with wings that spanned the sky,

The winds would carry me to you in the blink of an eye,

Together we would Soar two beings in sacred flight,

Spreading the words of Justice throughout the day and night!


I wish I was a finned one gliding thru the vast blue sea,

The waves would carry me to you how sweet that would be,

Together we would Float as your worries wash away,

Justice would then be served and it would forever stay!


I wish I was a rooted one holding tight within the soil,

The land would carry strength to you thru the hardest toil,

Together we would Grow indeed we would surely flourish, 

The seeds of Justice scattered about for all in need of nourish!


I wish I was a many-legged or slithering one traveling upon the earth,

I would share my powers with you and you would understand your worth,

Together we would Know the plan that is our life,

Working for truth and Justice would not bring us any strife!


Alas dear one I am only me,

My flaws of being human everyone can see,

But I can make a Promise and this I do for true,

I shall always fight for Justice and I will stand by you!


7/23/12; BFW


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