Got my backpack on I’m takin’ a run,

No time for chit-chat this ain’t for fun,

I’m headin’ the way down Freedom’s Road,

You know I’m carryin’ me a heavy load,

My pack’s overflowin’ with wishes and dreams,

Gotta keep on movin’ from others nasty schemes,

This road I’m travelin’ been tread for ages,

Poor Folks, Slaves, Wise old Sages,

Trail of Tears and Longest Walkers,

Young ones, Crones and Freedom Talkers,

Don’t know how far this journey gonna be,

Gotta keep on goin’ wait and see,

Blisters on my feet cramps in my toes,

Oppression carries so many woes,

The Road to Freedom is so very long,

That’s what they say in the White boys’ song, (reference the Hollie’s, “He Ain’t Heavy”)

But like mine before me I keep on goin’,

Might take a rest but won’t be slowin’,

This ain’t no joke this ain’t no tease,

Not like them Chicks in “Thelma and Louise”, (reference movie review BadAzz MoFo issue #5)

Over and over this road be traveled,

The dream of Freedom has never unraveled,

Each one must make their own commit,

Each one must deal with their own shit,

Each one must know the reasons why,

Those before them have fought and died,

Through Mankind’s time the road has been,

Through trials, tribulations, glory, and sin,

Hope one day oppressors get a clue,

Lord have Mercy, it’s way over due,

Me, I’m just gonna keep makin’ my way,

‘cause I know Freedom will come one day,

Like mine before me I’ll help plant the seed,

I made that Promise to help those in need,

Come on and join me walk by my side,

Together is how we must all abide,

Let’s ALL work for ourselves and all the others,

For all the fathers mothers sisters and bothers!!

2/11/12 BFW

WE must NEVER take whatever FREEDOMS we have for Granted!!


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