FREEDOM; a poem inspired by Leonard Peltier


Lookin’ at the many forms of Freedom,

Some say you gotta die first and get into the holy Kingdom,

That may be good for them and theirs,

Don’t know if that is truth so I won’t put on airs,

Freedom comes in many ways,

Look around you and look thru the daze,

Bein’ true in heart and spirit will set you Free,

No matter how you think on it, it just seems to be,

But you gotta also look at the physical form,

Lots of folks struggle who be outside the norm,

Bodies and minds don’t always work right,

Sometimes lookin’ in the mirror is a big fright,

How can they be free,

If they can’t see or find their own knee,

Peoples locked up in the cell,

You know they goin’ thru their own kinda hell,

Some inside thinkin’ it’s a joke,

Waiting to be let go so they can grab a toke,

Others find them a spiritual road,

 Takes away the torment and eases the load,

WHO does not wish to be Free,

That kind of question been buggin’ me,

All though history we seen this and that,

Some rude shit been done and that’s a natural fact,

People all ways been fightin’ for their rights,

That has brought on some terrible sights,

Rapings, beatings, murders, genocide,

Ain’t no way for people to abide,

Some folks only want Freedom for their own kind,

Based on religion, skin-tone, idelologies…damn they are so blind,

Another thing buggin’ me,

Is why some folks don’t want others to be Free,

I don’t like how these peoples act,

They all seem crazy and that’s a fact,

Playin’ favorites and playin’ the fool,

Thinkin’ they really know the rule,

That to me is some nasty shit,

This is just the short of it,

Don’t tell me tales or tell me lies,

Ain’t no way that gonna fly,

Listen up this is what I think,

Freedom is for all those who eat and drink,

Freedom is for those who use their mind,

Freedom is for those of any kind,

Freedom is for those who lay down their lives,

Freedom is for those who lay down their knives,

Freedom is for those in sunshine and rain,

Freedom is for those ridin’ on the “Peace Train”,

Freedom is for all who have breath,

Freedom is for living and not just for death,

Freedom is for those who have Love and Truth in their hearts,

That to me is one of the biggest parts,

Do what you can to help others be Free!!

WOZA; Rise-up! BFW (9/12/10)

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