To Remember PEACE




I can study War no more,

I drop down to my knees and lay prostrate on the floor,

The pain of War is all around,

In the air, the water and on the ground.


Each Year we honor those who die,

Centuries full of a sad goodbye,

We continue to sacrifice our kin,

When War is something no one can win.


War breeds hate and genocide,

This is no way for us to abide,

Thru trails of tears and worn out stories,

We celebrate our misplaced glories.


Have we learned nothing from Our past,

Are our lives molded into an unbreakable cast,

We must escape and set Ourselves FREE,

Let us re-think and re-imagine Our destiny.


Together as ONE we must find a way,

To usher in a brand new day,

Looking ahead then looking back,

Finding we are finally on the right track.


Put away the swords, the bombs, the guns,

Teach honoring Life to our Daughters and Sons,

The beginning of a shining Legacy,

Where no one suffers needlessly.


Enduring Peace is the True way to honor those who have passed away,

It is a path to follow that will not lead us astray,

Ahhhh, to sit back and sigh at this new Lease,

What a splendid Thing….to remember Peace!

5/28/12- BFW

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