Updated January 11, 2017 >> As of this update President Obama now has 8 days (Washington DC time) before his last term in Office expires. Leonard Peltier‘s Wrongful & illegal imprisonment is now 41 years.  Within this past year Leonard was told he’ll need 2 surgeries for serious medical conditions; he’s still waiting. Additionally Leonard‘s youngest child died unexpectedly from a serious illness. Can you imagine living thru such a year with no Hope for Freedom after President Obama leaves Office?

Updated February 2016 >> As of this year 2016, Leonard has now been Wrongfully & Illegally imprisoned for 40 years; this equals 4 decades! Look at your own life and imagine how your life would be if you were away from the Freedoms you enjoy but often take for granted. This is the life of Leonard Peltier and very sadly many others who have been caught up within America’s “InJustice” System.


Can YOU Imagine Being Incarcerated For More Than Half Of YOUR Life……

• (as of December 2016) When YOUR beloved youngest child has tragically died and YOU cannot be present with YOUR grieving family to mourn him together….there is no compassion and YOU are Still imprisoned?

• (as of December 2016) When YOU are NOW needing Prostate Surgery ASAP (as soon as possible) and each day waiting brings you more discomfort and pain with no relief in sight…and YOU wonder how much more this body your Spirit resides in can take and YOU are Still imprisoned?

(as of January 2016) When YOU are NOW suffering from a potentially deadly but treatable medical condition IF it is treated as soon as possible….and YOU continue to wait and wonder if the next breath you take will be your last because Medical Neglect & Indifference rule the day and YOU are Still Imprisoned?

• When YOU are Innocent…. and YOU are Still Imprisoned?

• When there is PROOF of YOUR Innocence… and YOU are Still Imprisoned?

• When YOU have seen Documents of YOUR Case through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and YOU know how YOUR Government and its Agencies have blatantly lied and committed fraud to keep YOU Imprisoned… and YOU are Still Imprisoned?

• When YOUR case was presented in Common Law Court (2010) and the Judge decreed YOU should be released, but even though these courts are still in existence the State and Federal Governments no longer acknowledge them…and YOU are Still Imprisoned?

• When Judges, Attorneys, Statesmen & Dignitaries have spoken up to demand YOUR FREEDOM… and YOU are Still Imprisoned?

• When for close to 4 decades Millions of People world-wide have Shouted out for YOUR FREEDOM, and Justice is Blind, Deaf, and Dumb…and “Home” is Still a Prison Cell… and YOU are Still Imprisoned?

• When YOU are Physically Ill and YOU cannot get appropriate or timely medical treatment, but the access for such Treatment is supposed to be readily available to YOU (as indicated thru the Federal Bureau of Prisons) … and YOU are Still Imprisoned?

• When YOU have missed the touch of a Loved One and have not been able to be there for YOUR Children, Grandchildren, and Great-Grandchildren… and YOU are Still Imprisoned?

• When YOU have worked for Justice and helped Others all YOUR Life, But YOU have Never seen Justice for YOURSELF… and YOU are Still Imprisoned?

• When there have been times that Those who said they “Had YOUR Back”, turned their Backs on YOU or used YOU to move ahead their own agendas… and YOU are Still Imprisoned?

• When YOU came to Realize that YOUR Prison Cell is YOUR Home… and YOU are Still Imprisoned?

• When YOU sadly can no longer Remember what it Feels like to be Free… and YOU are Still Imprisoned?

• When for all this time YOU have had YOUR Constitutional, Civil, Treaty & Human Rights continuously Violated and Abused by YOUR Government… and YOU are Still Imprisoned?

• When YOU have been *Tortured through lack of Due Process of Law, through Legal Malfeasance, through Medical Negligence, through attacks upon YOUR Physical Self and more… and YOU are Still Imprisoned?

“*tortured by The United States Government and its Agencies. *referenced by the United States Constitution, the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment and the Geneva Convention (BFW)”.


NOW…I ask Two Things….
1. PLEASE Visualize Leonard as a FREE Man…perhaps if WE all to this, He can also see himself as FREE!!
2. PLEASE, Respectfully Demand Executive Clemency for Leonard Peltier!!! Contact the White House as often as you can by letter, fax, e-mail, tweet, and phone. As so stated in the United States Constitution the ONLY one who can grant any form of pardon or clemency to a federal prisoner is the President. Until January 2017 that is Barack Obama.

President Barack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Please include your e-mail address
Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461
Contact Website:
Submit Questions & Comments: (fill in the form).
Twitter: (@WhiteHouse) (@POTUS) (@BarackObama)

Thank You! In and With The Spirit of Crazy Horse!
With Deep Respect & Love, Bonnie F. Walker, RN, BS, LNC



    • Thank You Bev for your comment. Please consider contacting President Obama by phone, e-mail, tweet, fax, or letter and let him know your views. Since he is the only one who can Free Leonard, we need to push him to do what is right.

  1. Help Mr. Leonard Peltier get clemency, and/or the parole he, and humanity, truly deserves, advocate and evoke. Leonard has carried a constant burden for all of humanity, for over 39 years straight, graciously, courageously, and with great generosity, and, besides thanking him, we have a responsibility to act, not just to right the wrongs of this world, to act to lessen Leonard’s, and those like Leonard’s, burdens; they’ve humbly born for us all. Luckily, “we, the people…”, as opposed to the Gov’t who should be but isn’t, can still be the voice for those unheard; let us do what we can do to support Leonard’s clemency, etc.. I’m sending another set of letter, phone, fax, email to the President next week. Happy All Hallow’s eve’, blessings be…. reality

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