Open Letter to ALL Governments And The People: What is the good of War??


written November 2011

I am a woman of age….not as young as some, not as old as others.  I have had the privilege to see new life enter and old life leave this world. I have held them both in my arms. When I was a young child there was always talk of wars….I would dream dark dreams of bombs falling and the Earth, our One and only Home evaporate. I had fear and grief and I didn’t understand. As I grew in age those talks never ceased, although there was always a new enemy or an old one re-visited and I didn’t understand. Now I reflect on it all….and I still don’t understand!! I am in need of answers!! What is the good of War??

Oh Please, I am not simple-minded!! I understand dynamics of War and Ideologies. I understand those driven by their greed, lust, power, visions, fears, paranoia, nightmares, psychoses, and failures. I have looked back at some of Humanity’s history…and truly I cannot see the Reward of War…but I can see the Wretched Outcomes. I’ve taken the liberty to break some things down in an effort to make this easier to digest.

  • Religious Wars — Throughout human history humanity has sought answers for its existence and the meaning of life. We have conceived of the concept of a higher divine power, or such a power has conceived of us. We have communed as one. As humanity began to populate and move about this Orb we call Home, various beliefs were born. When you study ancient Indigenous Populations from different parts of the world…so many of their Creation Stories are similar. At various points in Human history some individuals took issue with the belief systems of other individuals; war ensued. Whose divine power is the best? I for one cannot hazard a guess. All I know is that WE are all here on this Earth….from the most minute lifeform to the largest. The fact that we all do exist says to me we have a purpose. I do not believe that purpose given to us in grace from whatever divine source you believe in has meant for us to wipe ourselves and every other living being off this planet. Afterlives not withstanding, as far as I know the dead have no religious preference. Those who would say different cannot and do not speak for all the deceased ones since the beginning of time.
  • Ideological Wars — The problem lies in the very meaning of Ideology; a philosophy, a belief, a way of thinking.  Those of great education and those with none have all had Ideologies. Some thinkers have come together with others and shared thoughts thus putting forth new thoughts, comparative thoughts, old thoughts revisited or not much of any thoughts. In the folds of our brains, in the oral words and written manifestos these thoughts, these Ideologies are most profound and create a new way to conceptualize or think of things….or else they are nothing but crap. Throughout humanity’s tenure here on Earth there have undoubtedly been great and not so great Ideologies. Those Ideologies that pertain to Government and governing….oh they have been quite interesting! From the Orator’s lips or from the written Parchment…pearls of wisdom come forth…and then someone(s) gets the bright idea to take these ideas or Ideology and bring it to reality. Reality is more times than not quite different than how we perceive a thought. So no matter what governing Ideology you hold to be the best, Anarchy, Socialism, Fascism, Communism, Democracy, Capitalism, Monarch, Dictatorship, Imperialism, Tribal Chiefdom, Matriarchy, Patriarchy, (and more)….in practice they are quite different and do not necessarily follow suit to the written or oral word. When one Ideology has differences with another, war ensues. I have never seen an Ideology obliterated by war. The people die, the Ideology does not as most have been with us in some shape or form since our time here began. I do not know of any dead people who hold onto an Ideology. If the purpose is to govern, I do not know how one governs people killed by war.
  • Wars of Opportunity & Economics (greed, lust, power, etc.) — In the Plant and Animal Kingdoms, by and large each lifeform only takes what it needs. Not so with Humans….some of us have become hard-wired to always want more, to covet what others have, to get what we think we want versus what is essential to our wellbeing and our livelihoods. Since this does not seem to be a universal trait of all Humans, it seems it is more a learned behavior. The more we have the more we want, even if we have no need of it. We are always scheming new ways to grab up more stuff. When it comes to obtaining the resources of other countries and those countries choose not to relinquish or share their wealth, we obtain what we consider our due by any means necessary; war ensues.  We say we must do this for the needs of “our” people, yet the people with the most needs rarely if ever see those commodities of need. That we may have thoroughly obliterated the needs of those we have overtaken never seems to really draw any concerns to those who have procured the “spoils of war”. What those who engage in wars of Opportunity & Economics so easily ignore is that as we kill and rape and pillage and violate the people, we also do so to all other lifeforms and the Earth itself. I do not know how a lifeless land and lifeless people can bring forth commodities for livelihoods.

As I have explored some perceptions of War and as I have looked at the aftermaths…I bring myself to NOW. I am a woman of age….not as young as some, not as old as others.  And the question in me still arises….. What is the good of War?? I BELIEVE IN PEACE!!


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