My Country Is Not Of Thee & There Is No Liberty


I am angry, I am sad
These feelings make me feel horribly bad
This is not my usual way
I care not to be a part of this fray,


The sins of our forefathers remain with us
They are malicious and unjust
Hundreds of years of bigotry
There never has been truly equality,


America has countless laws
Far too many have built-in flaws
Justice has never been for one and all
Here riches speak and the poor ones fall,


Young black men are killed out of misplaced fear
It continues on year after year after year
Emmett Till, Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis
Ain’t no one anywhere trying to save us,


Our elders are treated without respect
So many are left to die of neglect
Take a look at Leonard Peltier
Wrongly imprisoned for 38 years,


Robot drones are now used in war
This is something to abhor
The government cares so little for life
It causes ever increasing horror and strife,


Climate change is not fallacy
It is a part of prophecy
Humanity is not necessary for Mother{Earth}
She will survive without our girth,


America is drowning in its own ignorance and greed
The government cares more for corporations than human needs
If we do not nurture our very own
We’ll become just like a robot drone,


The one thing I know is so very true
Unbiased justice for all is long overdue
Sadly this life we are living is not a test
It is up to each one of us to do our best,


The time is now to change the plan
To really care about each child woman and man
Treating our Mother{Earth}with love and kindness
Finally stepping away from our self-imposed blindness.


Thank You – 2/17/14 – BFW

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