The Struggle of Leonard Peltier; A Poem

LP-arrrestCan you Hear, Can you Hear, Can you Hear…..Of the Struggle of Leonard Peltier,,,

How is it that this ONE Man can cause the Government so much Fear,,,

For almost half of fourscore, the FBI has put up a Booming Thunderous Roar,,,

They will do anything to keep him Locked away; they have sworn this for many-a-day,,,

Deception and Lies, Violence and Treachery…this is how they continue to be,,,

Too much Oppression by “The Man”; dealing out a dirty hand,,,

What would happen if Leonard was Free; what would the World finally see; what indeed is the Reality,,,

Take heed and you will See why Leonard Peltier MUST be FREE,,,

Our Brother has become a symbol of the Hypocrisy that is steeped into our Democracy; the Truth and Lies now intertwine like the thorns and roses on the vine,,,

Each Constitutional, Civil, Treaty, and Human Right violated and denied is an arrow into the Heart of Liberty like an axe that fells a mighty tree,,,

Framed and Enslaved for crimes he didn’t commit, and that is just a part of it; The FBI will not admit that they are the cause and have vilified our very Laws,,,

How can this “Agency of Justice” be so dimwitted; they think the world does not know — the story has been out there and it continues to grow,,,

InJustice carries a Devastating Blight which has become a long Evil Plight; If ONE Man is denied his inalienable Rights, We are doomed to live in the darkest of Nights,,,

The Sins of the Founders continue to pave the way and it is all of Humanity who has to pay, it is both a grievous start and end to each and every day,,,

There is no Rhyme there is no Reason why We the People put up with this lying Treason,,,

The Time is Now at hand to bring Truth, Justice, and Peace to our desperately ill Land,,,

To Recognize Malice done in the name of Hate and Greed is one way to plant a healthier seed,,,

The Struggle of ONE Man is the Struggle of ALL; Please wake up now and answer the Call; WE have become part of the Plan, WE must join together and Take a Stand… Leonard Peltier MUST be FREE…this is Now his Destiny…PLEASE DEMAND HIS CLEMENCY!!

1/13/13 – BFW

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